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[Nintendo Switch] Hoppy Hop Review

[Nintendo Switch] Hoppy Hop Review
  • On June 16, 2023

Hoppy Hop from indie dev Josyan is a colorful arcade-style experience on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Hoppy Hop review!


Hoppy Hop from indie dev Josyan is a colorful arcade-style experience on Nintendo Switch. We previously reviewed other games from Josyan, such as old-school arcade-style single-screen high score chaser Tamiku, colorful vertical shoot ‘em up Zeroptian Invasion, and top-down 1-bit adventure UnderDungeon. Hoppy Hop is the first game that has been not only developed by Josyan but also published! It’s a game that has clearly been inspired by games such as Q*bert, which inspired other releases like Frostbite, Pogo Joe, and Mr. Cool.

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One day, Hoppy was having a good time with his favorite lunch. After finding the perfect spot to eat, he ate a huge carrot and quickly fell asleep. Unfortunately, after waking up, Hoppy has no idea how to get back! Your task will be to help Hoppy, well, hop around each area while avoiding enemies to get the best score possible while landing on every single platform on the screen. Once you manage to hop on top of all platforms, you’ll clear that level and will be able to move on to the next one.


As expected, the game’s controls are simple and to the point since you’ll only have to use the left analog stick or the D-Pad to make Hoppy jump around… and that’s it! Some platforms you’ll only need to jump onto once, while others will need you to land on several times to deactivate them. There will be some rabbit holes that you can use to quickly travel from one side of the screen to the other. Later on you’ll find giant mushrooms you can bounce on to escape from enemies.

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New enemies and hazards are added at a steady pace. Things start off easy enough as you only have to avoid some birds as well as a fox with a gun that will aim at you every now and then. You’ll then have to deal with deadly spiders and a sly snake that is ready to take a bite out of Hoppy, along with blocks that will explode. And once you get into the lost dimension and run into some aliens, that’s when things start to get crazy.


Hoppy Hop is a fun arcade-style experience that pays homage to classics such as Q*bert on Nintendo Switch. As you hop around each area and try to avoid enemies and hazards, you’ll also work on boosting your overall score to earn a spot on the leaderboards. There’s also a bonus game that has a Mario Bros. vibe to it in which you’ll need to control Hoppy on a single-screen 2D stage where you must collect all carrots before time runs out. Hoppy Hop is out on Nintendo Switch with a $4.99 price tag.

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This Hoppy Hop review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Josyan.

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