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[PlayStation 4] Wobbledogs Review

[PlayStation 4] Wobbledogs Review
  • On June 20, 2023

Wobbledogs from Secret Mode and Animal Uprising is a quirky 3D pet sim in which you’ll raise rapidly mutating dogs. Learn more in our Wobbledogs review!


Wobbledogs from Secret Mode and Animal Uprising is a quirky 3D pet sim in which you’ll raise rapidly mutating dogs. The game was first released on Steam last year, and it’s now made the jump to PlayStation 4. It’s a chill sandbox experience in which dogs will start out as a relatively normal variety, but they will soon mutate into dogs of variable bodies controlled by a simulated genetics system.

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As dogs age, they will enter a pupal stage and will then mutate into something new. What each dog eats will have a direct effect on the flora that will live in its guts. That flora will, in turn, have an effect on how subsequent mutations take place. Each dog will have different traits and personalities and will act physically differently from the other dogs under your care. This will change how dogs interact with each other.


How will you be playing Wobbledogs? You’ll move the camera around with the left analog stick and will rotate it with the right one. You can interact with the X button to care for your new pets as needed. When you interact with a dog, you can ask it to speak, praise, roll over, sit, or sleep. There’s also the option of scolding a dog if you feel that it’s needed. At times, you can also have a dog pupate so that it can get ready for its next mutation. Once a dog is ready to hatch, you can activate that action by pressing the Square button.

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Zoom in and out R2 and L2 buttons to get a better view of things. Press the Circle button to pet a dog. The L1 and R1 buttons can be pressed to select between the previous and next dog. Press up on the D-Pad to look into the guts of each dog. This is important since you’ll be able to see how things are growing inside of a dog’s gut so that you can hopefully find a way to steer things in the direction you want them to in order to activate a particular mutation based on your objectives.


Press the Options button, and you’ll be able to move dogs, breed dogs, review goals, or go into the Flora Field Guide to learn more about what needs to be done about the variety of gut flora – check all of the flora that you’ve managed to observe so far. Click on each one to get a short description of that flora type, as well as of occurrences and the effects they can have on a dog.

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By pressing the Touchpad, you’ll enter Edit Mode. While in Edit Mode, you can add new stuff, such as, say, a food dispenser so that your dogs can eat. Just press the Triangle button to check what you can add to each room! You can add a variety of items to decorate each room. Add a carpet to the floor to mix things up. Change the wall pattern if you want to. Add some of the decorations and toys you’ve managed to unlock.


The aforementioned food dispenser can be interacted with to share a nutritional pellet, a burrito, or French fry. More food types will be added as you progress through the game. Build an incubator, and you’ll be able to hatch fertilized dog eggs. Even if you don’t have any fertilized eggs, you can use an incubator to hatch eggs for the basic type of dog so that you can add more dogs to your group. Complete goals, and you’ll be able to collect rewards, so be sure to visit the goals section of the menu as often as possible!

The game has a long, long trophy list, which means it also offers a Platinum trophy for you to add to your collection. That list includes 53 Bronze trophies and 8 Silver trophies. What objectives will you need to complete? You’ll need to have 10 dogs in the world at once, hatch or mutate a very large dog, open 10 capsules, dig 50 holes, eat 10 clumps of dirt, collect 50 eggs, discover 10 different types of gut flora, discover every flora, raise a dog from pup to adult, pet a dog who really, really doesn’t like being petted, play for 5 hours, hatch or mutate a dog with multiple tails, or clean 100 poops, to name some examples.

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Wobbledogs offers a chill sandbox experience in which you’ll be caring of a bunch of dogs that start out normal but will quickly mutate into new squishy-like. As you pet them, feed them, issue some commands here and there, expand into new rooms, decorate, and add new items, you’ll have an effect on the flora that grows in each dog’s gut, which will then, in turn, change how each dog mutates as they grow into pupae and burst into a new form. Wobbledogs is out on PlayStation 4 with a $19.99 price tag.

This Wobbledogs review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Secret Mode.

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A chill and cozy sandbox experience with mutating dogs