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[PlayStation 5] Bat Boy Review

[PlayStation 5] Bat Boy Review

Bat Boy from X Plus Games and Sonzai Games is an action platformer reminiscent of NES Mega Man games. Check our Bat Boy review to learn more!


Interdimensional mage Lord Vicious has brainwashed Bat Boy’s fellow teammates in order to participate in the Trials of Darkness, a heinously brutal series of athletic events! It’s up to Bat Boy to team up with the mouthy crow Garou, traversing a hostile world to free the minds of his sports-hero teammates before they fall victim to the trials. Along the way, Bat Boy will encounter a variety of characters, some allies, most not, as he fights his way to the final confrontation with Lord Vicious.

Bat Boy from Sonzai Games and X Plus Games is a 2D retro-looking platformer in which a normal guy named Ryosuke and his friends gets drawn into another dimension, and he’ll have to face the Trials of Darkness in a mysterious place. Sonzai Games previously released Super Sami Roll – which we got to review – so this is definitely a very different experience!

Bat Boy PS5 Review

This game is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign from last year from its publisher X PLUS Games. Thanks to the support of 600 backers, the campaign ended up a little shy of 110% of the requested crowdfunding goal. It’s now 2023, and we’re getting a very fun retro-styled 2D action game that will remind you of games like Mega Man on the Nintendo Entertainment System – you know, the NES.


After a quick introduction to the story and what is happening, you’ll be drawn into the Trials of Darkness, where the game takes place. In the new dimension, Ryosuke acts as the titular hero: Bat Boy. His friends have all been muddled thanks to Lord Vicious’s curse, and they will fight against you until you can make them go back to their senses. Each of Bat Boy’s friends will act as one of the game’s bosses.

Bat Boy Review

Our main character can do pretty much anything with his trusty baseball bat. I liked how the game uses it to fight – as expected – but goes the extra mile in gameplay. You’ll quickly be able to reach higher platforms using your weapon or hit enemies in the distance. Being a baseball bat, you can also expect to use it to hit bullets back at enemies or at switches to open the path forward, which was fun.


One of the things that add to the whole experience is the tight controls. They are very reactive and help boost the fun factor. About the different attacks, you can attack by swinging your bat and can quickly try to combo attacks by swinging for the fences. Most enemies can be defeated with a single hit and those that take more than one won’t move as fast around each area. The difficulty is fair, and while the game is a bit challenging, it’s certainly not NES hard. There are frequent checkpoints in each area, so even if you fail, you’ll be able to get back on track.

Bat Boy PlayStation Review

The level design is great and doesn’t feel as linear. There are times on the world map when you can take different paths to play through each level in a different order as you gain the abilities of the bosses you defeat. This game really looks and feels like it pays homage to the Mega Man games from the NES era. Each level will introduce some new enemies or gameplay elements that will keep you entertained. There’s even a speedrun mode if you want to test how fast you can beat the game.


On the presentation side, I liked the crisp presentation that looks like an up-to-date and perfectly scaled NES game. The soundtrack is made of chiptunes reminiscent of the type of soundtrack we had back then and was mostly good, although some musical themes didn’t manage to stick with me. This game is also Cross-Buy between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, which is great news for trophy hunters.

Speaking of which, Bat Boy has a full trophy list for you to work on, and since if you own a PlayStation 5, you can download and play both the PS4 and PS5 versions, you could try to add two Platinum trophies to your collection. The list will be split into 4 Bronze trophies, 6 Silver trophies, and 8 Gold trophies. To get each Platinum, you’ll need to buy an item, purchase a golden seed, play a song from the jukebox, collect every seed in the game, get all of the hidden cassettes, collect 999 crystals, deflect 100 projectiles, defeat a special boss a handful of times,

Bat Boy Review - 3

Bat Boy is a great 2D game reminiscent of the Mega Man franchise on the NES. I liked the presentation and the tight controls, along with the back story. There isn’t much to complain about here since we’re getting a solid 2D action game with a retro look and feel that will keep you busy for around 3 hours or so, depending on your skill level. Bat Boy is available as a Cross-Buy title, so your $14.99 purchase will allow you to download both the PlayStation and PlayStation 5 versions of the game at no extra cost.

This Bat Boy review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by X Plus Games.

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Great 2D action game with challenging gameplay