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[Nintendo Switch] Adore Review

[Nintendo Switch] Adore Review
  • On August 7, 2023

Adore from QUByte Interactive and Cadabra Games is a colorful monster-taming experience with real-time combat. Learn more in our Adore review!


Adore from QUByte Interactive and Cadabra Games is a colorful monster-taming experience with real-time combat. You’ll take on the role of Lukha, who can summon and control powerful creatures that will fight by his side. Your journey will begin in Gaterdrik, a land with a curse from an evil entity that corrupted the Divine Energy. It’s up to you to try and set things right after the God of Creatures inhabits your body! To be precise, it has inhabited your body for 15 years now, but it wasn’t until you ran into the big bad boss that you managed to hear Draknar’s voice.

As mentioned before, something that sets this monster-taming game apart from other entries in the genre is that the gameplay takes place in. This means that the game feels more like an action RPG because of this gameplay twist and the isometric perspective from which you play. There are 39 creatures in total for you to find, so there are many potential combinations for you to take with you on your adventure. It feels like a cross between Pokémon and, say, the Diablo series, which is certainly not a bad thing!

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You’ll control Lukha with the left analog stick as he interacts with objects and creatures with the L button, dodging incoming attacks with the R button. Each creature will be slotted to the A, B, X, and Y buttons, which will be used to summon them into action. You can recall all creatures by pressing the ZL button. Why would you need to do this? Because there’s a stamina bar to consider, which keeps you from having your monsters wreaking havoc left and right at all times. It’s the game’s way of balancing things out.


Speaking of balancing things out, even though Lukha is an Adorer who wields the power of controlling the many creatures you’ll run into, you won’t be able to capture every single creature you find. You also won’t be able to capture that many creatures right away. You see, capturing a creature requires some Particles of Gaterdrik, which is sort of a rare resource in this land. You will, therefore, need to search high and low to be able to find enough Particles of Gaterdrik to capture the aforementioned max of 39 creatures. Normal creatures will require one Particle of Gaterdrik. Blessed creatures will require two. As for super blessed creatures, those will require three Particles of Gaterdrik.

In order for you to be able to capture a new creature, you’ll have to put yourself in danger since you’ll need to get near it to use the L button to try and add it to your group. Press and hold down the L button and dodge its attacks until the energy from your staff manages to subdue it. Once captured, you can call it into action by pressing the button to which it has been slotted. You can release a creature right away, or you can press and hold down the corresponding button to first aim where that creature will attack.

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Another reason why you can’t just button-mash your way to victory as you summon creature after creature willy-nilly is that creatures can be damaged and will lose HP at a steady pace if you’re not careful. If a creature receives damage that would kill it, then the creature will be cursed! To keep that creature from dying, the Adorer will absorb the damage it would have taken… which means it is Lukha who could end up dead!


Pressing left on the D-Pad will open up your menu. From there, you’ll be able to customize your creature loadout and decide which monsters will fight alongside you. You can also review any consumable items in your inventory, equip any runes or artifacts that can aid you on this journey, or check out the quests you’ve taken on so far. There’s also a Bestiary where you can check a creature’s HP, armor, speed, basic attack, Special Attack, and biomes, as well as an “About” section with key information.

To increase your odds of victory, you’ll need to make the most of Adore’s Synergy System. Thanks to the Synergy System, your creatures will be able to work together as the bond between them increases at a steady pace. By working together, the Synergy System will make it possible to activate an extra ability or to modify a creature for each Synergy that a creature has obtained. In order to further customize your creatures, you should keep an eye out for any statues of Draknar that you can find during your adventure. The statues of Draknar – which is the God of Creatures – will reward your creatures with traits that will make them unique.

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Each of the creatures that you can capture and add to your group will have a Special Ability. Every time that an ally creature deals damage, it will charge the Special Ability of all of your other creatures. Once fully charged, the next time you use that creature, it will unleash its Special Ability, so be sure to plan accordingly so that you can make the most of them. Keep an eye on the Special Ability circle around a creature so that you don’t end up wasting it by button-mashing!


Something else to consider is that during your quest, you’ll be able to collect a variety of ingredients. Using these ingredients, you’ll be able to cook some delicious and unique dishes that will aid Lukah and his creatures on this journey. A small piece of meat will turn into cooked meat that can heal the target by 30% of its max health. But what if you add some extra ingredients? Using a ladybug and some mushrooms can give you cooked meat with mushrooms and bug, which will heal the target by 70^ of its max health while also boosting its attack by 10% while also adding an extra 20% on top of that if it’s the only creature summoned to attack.

Cooking will require that you also spend some of the coins that you’ve collected from the enemies you defeat, but that’s not the only use you can give to coins. There’s also the option of spending them to purchase artifacts to aid you on your journey. Some examples include the Artifact of the Adorers, which boost the damage dealt by creatures depending on how many you summon at the same time. Another one is the Winged Sandals, which boost its wearer’s speed after dodging. You could also purchase a key to open a treasure chest or buy a fragment, which is used for permanent upgrades.

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Adore is a colorful monster-taming experience with real-time combat. It’s a game that feels like a mix of Pokémon with Diablo thanks to its action RPG gameplay with the monsters that you manage to capture by using the Particles of Gaterdrik that you collect. As for complaints, there was some slowdown here and there during some of the more packed sections. Something else that happens more and more these days for games that also have a PC version is that the in-game text is on the tiny side of things, so hopefully, the team can patch this. Adore is out now on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 price tag.

This Adore review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by QUByte Interactive.

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Colorful monster-taming experience with real-time combat