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Fluffy Milo Out Today

Fluffy Milo Out Today On Consoles
  • On August 10, 2023

Sokoban-style box pushing puzzler Fluffy Milo from eastasiasoft and Team Homemade Puzzle is ready to go on PS and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!


Embark on a pushing puzzle adventure through the seasons in Fluffy Milo! Featuring 60 stages of casual brainteasing fun presented in top-down 3D style, Fluffy Milo puts you in control of an adorable feline as you help him fill his bowls with delicious milk. Things start simple on a small arrangement of tiles with a single milk jug and one bowl, then get progressively larger and harder as you progress.

For every 15 stages you clear, your surroundings will change from tropical themes and forests to snowy fields as the seasons shift. If you make a mistake, don’t worry! You’ll have 3 chances to undo your moves before you have to restart the stage, and you can replay any level you’ve unlocked. Will you help Milo satisfy his milk cravings?


We’ll be working on a review for Fluffy Milo from eastasisoft and Team Homemade Puzzle, so be sure to stick aound at!

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