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[Nintendo Switch] Xtreme Sports Review

[Nintendo Switch] Xtreme Sports Review
  • On August 29, 2023

Game Boy Color classic Xtreme Sports from WayForward is finally ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Come check out our Xtreme Sports review!


Game Boy Color classic Xtreme Sports from WayForward is finally ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Xtreme Sports was originally released on the Game Boy Color in the year 2000 by Infogrames, which means it was launched on a physical cartridge, as was the case for all games on the portable console since digital releases were not a thing back then. It predates Shantae’s debut on the Game Boy Color by a couple of years, and it’s a solid effort that showcases what the studio would later aim to deliver with Shantae’s first adventure.

What’s the setup for this one? It turns out the President of Xtreme Cola company has decided to sponsor a tournament at Xtreme Island, and Guppi and Fin decide to enter to try and become the next Xtreme Sports Champion. You can play as either Guppi or Fin, which will only change how your character looks since they both have the same abilities and extreme sports skills. There’s a huge cash prize waiting for the winner, and they both want to win. Since they can both enter the tournament, that means they’ll have twice the chance of winning, right?

Once you land on the island and manage to register for the tournament, you’ll have to meet with the coaches, that will check if you really have what it takes to be part of this competition. There are five different extreme sports in this game release for you to consider: skyboarding, street luge, skateboarding, in-line skating, and surfing. Oh, and there’s also this weird group known as the Bone-Heads, who are all mysterious for no apparent reason, so of course, you decide to explore the island and try to Scooby Doo your way to the truth behind it all.

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For skyboarding, you’ll be falling through the sky and will need to collect arrows as you dive to be able to then perform some tricks. Press and hold down the B button, press a direction on the D-Pad or the left analog stick, and try to get the best score possible! You will need to keep an eye for, say, any birds that are flying around since you won’t be able to avoid them if you’re right in the middle of trying to land a sick combo. You’ll only be able to perform a combo that includes the arrows that you’ve collected, so be sure to pay attention to the bottom of the screen!


Street luge will require that you race down the street by pressing the B button as fast as possible so that you can build up enough momentum to be able to jump over the ramps on your path so that you can avoid the obstacles that will try to keep you from reaching the finish line. While you can break by pressing up on the left analog stick or the D-Pad, slowing down is not advised… unless that can keep you from crashing! If you do crash, you’ll quickly have to press the B button to get back on your board so that you can keep going.

When surfing, you’ll have to press up and down on the left analog stick or the D-Pad to steer your board. Pressing left or right will allow you to dodge obstacles. Get to the top of the wave to launch yourself, and then hold down the B button to enter spin mode so that you can perform some tricks to boost your overall score. Just be sure to line up your entry so that you don’t wipe out!

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In-Line Skating requires that you pass below hurdles and avoid the obstacles on your path so that you can make it to the finish line in one piece. You’ll need to collect as many points as possible, for which you can grind on handrails to get a boost to your score. You can press down on the left analog stick or the D-Pad to duck as needed so that you can avoid some obstacles. The B button will be used for jumping.

And then there’s skateboarding! To move, you’ll need to repeatedly tap left or right as needed, or you can continuously press the B button to gain momentum. Double tap up on the left analog stick or the D-Pad to jump, or press the A button if it’s easier on your end. While in the half-pipe, you’ll need to time your movement to build up momentum as you move from one side to the other so that you can jump and spin for some bonus points or even do a hand plant by pressing and holding down the B button while you clear the lip.


Each of the events will have an item called a Twitchy Shake that you can collect and spend to get a bonus to help you give it your all for the competition. Activate it while skyboarding to gain a big speed boost. Use it in street luge, and you can destroy obstacles while gaining extra speed. While surfing, you can use a Twitchy Snake to attack an opponent or to gain extra speed while up in the air. When line-skating, a Twitchy Snake will allow you to destroy obstacles. If you use it while jumping, you’ll perform a second jump.

While a big chunk of your time will be spent competing in each of the five different aforementioned sports, you’ll also be walking around the island as you explore each area. New areas will open as you complete more challenges and collect medals for your efforts. There are also some hidden medals that you can find while exploring the island to add to your total. You won’t be able to progress further into this journey if you don’t get good and up your game, so be ready to take on many extreme sports challenges along the way!

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You can customize and tailor your experience with Xtreme Sports on Nintendo Switch by taking advantage of the different options on offer. Select the size for the screen between a full image, a native one showing a tiny screen on your TV or on to the console’s screen that is closer to the Game Boy Color’s presentation, or an image that blows said aspect ratio twice. You can also apply an LCD filter to the screen, remove the border around the 4:3 screen, or select one of the five different designs. There’s also the possibility of saving your progress at any moment by pressing the ZL and ZR buttons to open up the special menu, from where you can also load a save state.

There’s also an Extras section where you can take a look at a 3D render of the game’s cartridge, alongside a lot of art created for this release, from sketches for characters, locations, and cutscenes, to finished art. You get to see the cover for the game’s original release back in the year 2000 and how said cover art was revamped for a 16:9 aspect ratio with a revamped look. There’s also a section showcasing the many characters in the game, the game tiles used to build the mini-games, the different frames used to animate the two main characters, and even the font type used for the game’s text.


Xtreme Sports is a fun Game Boy Color game with five different extreme sports to take on as you aim at the top spot of the tournament. The game is now ready for you on Nintendo Switch with some extras to check out, as well as the possibility of saving your progress at any time while you go up against the waves or try to perform some sick skateboard tricks to boost your score. Oh, and, you know, find out what’s the deal with the Bone-Heads. Xtreme Sports is out on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 price tag.

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This Xtreme Sports review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by WayForward.

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