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[Nintendo Switch] The Excrawlers Review

[Nintendo Switch] The Excrawlers Review

The Excrawlers from Game Dynasty and Valkyrie Initiative is an action RPG dungeon crawler on Nintendo Switch. Check our The Excrawlers review!


The Excrawlers from Game Dynasty and Valkyrie Initiative is an action RPG dungeon crawler on Nintendo Switch. You play as a Huntress trapped in a dungeon. In order to escape the dungeon, you need to kill everything in sight. And yes, that includes all the bosses the game has to offer. If you die, then you must start again from scratch. Are you up for the challenge?

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The tutorial is well explained and allows you to learn the gameplay mechanics as you take on the starter area. Unfortunately, there are no difficulty settings, and enemies can hit hard. This is an early issue since you start with no health potions, so when you first come face-to-face with your enemies and use your sword or bow, they will require a large number of hits to defeat. I started to use the bow to attack from a safe distance since rushing into battle with my sword would usually lead to defeat. Once you start to get your hands on healing potions, things open up a bit since you’ll be able to take on stronger enemies and heal your wounds fast enough to stay alive after making a mistake or two.


The Excrawlers presents you with doors to five worlds to explore. Once you travel through a door, you’ll be taking on a pair of levels and a boss fight. Each world has its own difficulty curve for you to experience, and you won’t be able to know what you’ll be going up against until you start to explore. The game’s challenge continues to increase at a steady pace, so be ready for it!

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The RPG mechanics are interesting since they place a big weight on stats. You start at nothing and must level up your character so that you can increase your stats and start to build up a warrior that can stand a chance at surviving against the many enemies you’ll be going up against. Even if you die, you do get to keep those stats but lose absolutely everything else. Yes, this one is a game of a roguelike nature. You can also earn titles by killing the game’s bosses. These titles allow you to add improvements to your character’s build.


You can also equip five different gems in your inventory slots, which will increase various stats that will boost your odds of completing this adventure – from crit chances to healing and more. These gems are also permanent upgrades, so they will remain with you even when you’re defeated. Do know that some gems will disappear after a bit, so there’s certainly an exception to the rule.

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The Excrawlers offers some interesting ways to build up your character and explore new places. It’s definitely going to feel a bit frustrating to a degree, so it isn’t a game you want to wind down with, or else you might end up feeling overwhelmed. I suggest that you play this one in short bursts rather than one long marathon in a single sitting so that you can better enjoy this journey.


The Excrawlers is an interesting action RPG dungeon, but the game is far from perfect. It doesn’t have a very meaty story, and it feels like it could have used some extra variety here and there. The rewards for battles also end up feeling kinda lackluster since there’s not enough variety, as they’re kinda samey all the way through, which I found to be slightly disappointing. On the upside, the art style is beautiful, and it helps the game stand out on Nintendo Switch. The Excrawlers is out on Nintendo Switch with a $7.99 price tag.

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This The Excrawlers review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Valkyriie Initiative.

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Action RPG dungeon crawler that feels a bit challenging