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[Nintendo Switch] TAITO MILESTONES 2 Review

[Nintendo Switch] TAITO MILESTONES 2 Review
  • On September 5, 2023

A second collection of arcade classics is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Come check out our TAITO MILESTONES 2 review!


TAITO MILESTONES 2 Nintendo Switch Review - 5

I had a lot of fun reviewing TAITO MILESTONES from ININ GAMES on Nintendo Switch last year, a collection that included 10 arcade classics from the TAITO library to Nintendo’s console thanks to the Arcade Archives initiative from HAMSTER. That particular collection included Qix, Space Seeker, Alpine Ski, Front Line, Wild Western, Chack’n Pop, Elevator Action, The FairyLand Story, HALLEY’S COMET, and THE NINJA WARRIORS. You can read more about that by checking out our TAITO MILESTONES review.

It’s now 2023, and since TAITO has an extensive library to choose from, it’s now the turn of another 10 games to get a chance to shine under the spotlight! Which are the lucky games that are part of TAITO MILESTONES 2? They are, in order of release:

Ben Bero Beh (1984)
The Legend of Kage (1985)
Kiki Kaikai (1986)
The NewZealand Story (1988)
Darius II (3 Screen Arcade Version) (1989)
Liquid Kids (Mizubaku Adventure) (1990)
Gun Frontier (1990)
Solitary Fighter (1991)
Metal Black (1991)
Dinorex (1992)

First up is Ben Bero Beth. This one is a 2D platformer in which you’ll be taking control of superhero Dami-Chan, who must quickly explore a building that is currently on fire in order to save as many people as possible by extinguishing the fire that is putting everything and everyone in jeopardy. But the main objective that drives Dami-Chan is being able to rescue his girlfriend, Nao-Chan, which is why he uses his mighty fire extinguisher to try and cut the flames that are keeping him from reaching his beloved.

The Legend of Kage, released back in 1985, has you playing as the titular ninja who must go on a mission to rescue Princess Kirihime, who has been abducted! You must defeat the evil force’s leader, Yoshiro Yukikusa, and his right-hand man, Yukinosuke, to be able to rescue the princess before it is too late. The game allows you to attack in all eight directions by using the left analog stick or the D-Pad, which is not something that many arcade games did back in the day. A single hit can defeat Kage, so you need to pay attention as you use your sword to repel enemy shuriken while avoiding their flame attacks and bombs, all while dealing the killing blow.


Next up is Kiri Kaikai. This one is set in Feudal Japan, and it has you taking on the role of a Shinto shrine maiden who must defeat and purify the rogue spirits and monsters that are up to no good. Your name is Sayo-chan, and you are the only one who can use the warning presented by the Seven Lucky Gods to defeat the Yokai that are terrorizing the land. In fact, it’s up to Sayo-chan to rescue the aforementioned Gods after they’re kidnapped by the Yokai! This game was only released in Japan, but its sequel did get a North American release under a name you’re probably more familiar with: Pocky & Rocky!


The NewZealand Story was released in 1988, and it’s a colorful 2D platformer in which you’ll be playing as Tiki, a kiwi who must try to rescue his girlfriend Phee Phee as well as many of his Kiwi friends who have been abducted. The game was inspired by a trip that one of the TAITO programmers took to New Zealand, which is why you’ll be exploring said island. You start your adventure with a bow and an infinite supply of arrows, but you can collect additional weapons that can be used until you complete that level. These include some powerful bombs that make enemies go boom or a mighty laser that certainly packs a punch. Each level will point you in the general direction of the exit that you need to reach, where you’ll get to rescue one of your friends before carrying on to the next stage. For some of them, you’ll first need to defeat a boss!

Darius II is a special one in this collection. This classic shoot ‘em up was originally released in arcades in 1989, and it was later ported to home consoles such as the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and even portables like the beloved Game Boy. The version we’re getting in this collection is for the 3 screen version that was a marvel to experience back in the day. This sequel takes place after the events of Darius, and it has you investigating an SOS signal from Earth, which seems to have been invaded by the evil Belser Army. The people of Darius send Proco Jr. and Tiat Young to investigate the signal and try to find out what is really going on.

And then we have Liquid Kids, a 2D platformer in which you’ll play as Hipopo, the hippopotamus, who explores the land of Woody-Lake in search of his missing girlfriend. You must, therefore, help Hipopo find Tamasun as you use huge water bubbles to soak enemies so that you can defeat them. Kick one toward a group of enemies, and you’ll destroy all of them as you boost your score! You do need to act quickly because enemies can dry up and remove the soaked status, thus once again becoming a threat. There’s also the option of throwing the water bubbles at a wall to have them break open so that the water inside them flows freely and soaks all enemies in its path.

TAITO MILESTONES 2 Switch Review - 3

Gun Frontier is a classic type of vertical shoot ‘em up, with screen-clearing bombs included. It takes place in the 22nd century, and it has you taking on an alien race of space pirates known as the Wild Lizards, who have invaded and enslaved the inhabitants of the planet Gloria to exploit its gold. You’ll be shooting at everything that moves – and stuff that doesn’t since there are some stationary turrets here and there – as you use mighty bombs to destroy enemy forces. Make it to the end of a level, and you’ll be faced with a huge boss battle. Some enemies will drop power-ups that need to be collected to boost your attack power and how many bullets you fire per shot. You should also collect the ammo left behind by ground units since this will charge up your bombs!


1991’s Solitary Fighter is a 2D fighting game sequel to Violence Fight. It’s an experience best described by the game itself. Are you ready?

In the early part of the 1950’s in the USA, a game called “Violence Fight” was in vogue among mafia, reckless drivers, and general businessmen. The “Violence Fight” was the game to struggle for “No. 1 Quarreler” with fighters who were gathered from all parts of the USA speaking boastingly of their strength. And of course a lot of winning money as well as the honor were given to the “winner”. Here in downtown in L.A., a young fighter “Bat” and his manager “Blinks” seek for the winning money eagerly. As a matter of fact, can Bat take the No. 1 place of the USA?

On the occasion, the fighting of men called “Violence Fight” certainly occurred. Now, howeveronly, a few people remember that name. Once more, now, men of hot-blood who get tired of peace come together to make a new legend.


Metal Black, which was also released in 1991, is a futuristic sidescrolling shoot ‘em up. It’s set in the year 2052 when an alien race decides to invade Earth. As pilot John Ford, you must board your space fighter craft – codename CF-345 Black Fly, to defeat the evil Nemesis aliens before it’s too late. As you collect power-ups, the size and damage dealt by your attacks will increase. You’ll have to consider if you want to keep this going for as long as possible or if you use up all your energy to discharge a powerful beam that will deal considerable damage to enemies and bosses. As long as you manage to collect more power-ups after the beam has been released, you can keep it going. Do know that it won’t destroy all bullets!

Dinorex is the 10th and final game in this collection. It’s a bizarre fighting game in which you choose a warrior who is in control of a huge dinosaur as they duke it out for the amusement of large crowds of fans. Think of it as a proto Primal Rage of sorts, except that the controls suck. This is another one that is best described by the game’s intro:

Some of clay figures discovered in the ruins of South America assumed dinosaurs on which mankind ride. From this, some were of the option that mankind and dinosaurs lived together.

A battlefield existed there… That was the world controlled by Amazones… In this place, the man of the other tribes strived for the queen once a year… At that time, a man who proved that his dinosaur was stronger than the other men was able to obtain… the queen. And, a year of being the world master was reserved for him. The King was called… “DINO REX”

Each of the games can be customized with a variety of options so that you can tailor your experience until it feels just right. You can add a display frame as well as change the display size and direction. The display can also be rotated as needed, 90° at a time, which is a good option if you have a vertical display setup for that extra authentic arcade feel. There are also several screen filters for you to choose from that can give these games the retro look they deserve.


You can also go into the game settings and make changes as you feel like it, adding more lives, choosing how often you can receive additional lives from the points you score, decide if you want your score to be uploaded to the online rankings, or make changes that are specific to this or that game. These include, for instance, selecting the time until Nao-Chan starts to fall in Ben Bero Beth or if a roulette should pop up when you get a game over in Kiri Kaikai to try and gain a bonus credit.

TAITO MILESTONES 2 Switch Review - 4

TAITO MILESTONES 2 brings us a new set of 10 arcade classics from TAITO’s history, ranging from 2D platformers to shoot ‘em ups to some peculiar fighting games of the era. If you enjoyed TAITO MILESTONES, then getting this sequel is a no-brainer. TAITO MILESTONES 2 is out on Nintendo Switch with a $39.99 price tag. Our friends at Strictly Limited Games also offer physical versions of the game on its own or alongside a physical Nintendo Switch version of TAITO MILESTONES.

This TAITO MILESTONES 2 review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by ININ Games.

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A fun collection with 10 TAITO classic titles