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[Nintendo Switch] Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet Review

[Nintendo Switch] Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet Review
  • On September 22, 2023

Wildagotchi is the latest virtual pet experience from RedDeerGames to launch on Nintendo’s console. Ready to learn more? Then check out our Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet review!


After giving us the feline virtual pet experience with Catgotchi on Nintendo Switch, as well as a canine version with the aptly titled Dogotchi, this time around, RedDeerGames is giving us something a bit more exotic by way of Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet on Nintendo’s console. If you’re a cat person, then you have an option for that. If you’re a dog person, you have an option for that. Then what does Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet bring to the table?


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Well, we’re getting some exotic animals to take care of in a retro-styled virtual setting! You’ll be caring for a penguin, a giraffe, a cute panda, or something even more exotic like an axolotl! There are also wolves, elephants, turtles, and gorillas for you to consider, one pixel at a time. The screen has chunky pixels like the original Tamagotchi handheld virtual pet toy from way back in the day, dating all the way to 1996.


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The premise for this new virtual pet experience remains the same: Take care of your pet! You need to keep an eye on your pet from getting too hungry. They should always have enough energy to carry onward, should have fun to continue to grow, and each of your pets should also definitely keep their hygiene in check! For every pair of pets that make it to their adult stage, you’ll get some new pets to care for. You can switch between pets, but only the last one you selected will remain active and will continue to grow.


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To keep your pets healthy, you’ll need to feed them and make sure they receive medicine if they’re ever sick. To keep them from going hungry, you’re going to have to feed them. To keep them clean, well, you’re going to have to clean them up! And they recover their energy when they sleep. So, how do you make sure they’re having fun? By playing with them! The first mini-game you can participate in is Obstacles Rain, in which you must move your pet left and right to avoid the stuff that is raining down from the top of the screen. Once a pet enters the teenager stage, you unlock the next mini-game so that you can play with your pet and have more fun. The next one will unlock once your pet reaches adulthood.


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If you enjoyed taking care of virtual cats and virtual dogs on your Nintendo Switch, then you’re going to have fun with Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet. You’ll be able to care for wolves, gorillas, pandas, turtles, and more, so there’s a good variety of chunky pixel pets to care for and play with. Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet is out now on Nintendo Switch with a $12.99 price tag.

This Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by RedDeerGames.

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Gorillas, wolves, and axolotls... oh my!