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[PlayStation 5] MythForce Review

[PlayStation 5] MythForce Review
  • On October 4, 2023

MythForce from Beamdog and Aspyr is a Saturday morning cartoon-inspired mythical first-person roguelite on PlayStation 5. Learn more in our MythForce review!


MythForce from Beamdog and Aspyr is a Saturday morning cartoon-inspired mythical first-person roguelite on PlayStation 5. It’s a colorful, action-packed journey in which you’ll band together to defeat the evil vampire lord Daedalus, who used his powers and all of his underlings to almost destroy the Citadel of the Sun. You’ll also have to use the resources you collect to repair the Citadel of the Sun so that you can make the most of the armory, sun disc, emporium, and conclave. Captain Lucien, Queen Ancilla, Keaton, Sylvia, and the Merchant will help you if you have the right resources.

The game offers four different heroes for you to choose from, with each one featuring its own set of skills. The game will kindly let you know which heroes are easier to handle and which ones will require a bit more practice before you can make the most of their abilities. The heroes are Victoria the Knight (one star for difficulty), Hawkins the Hunter (one star for difficulty), Rico the Rogue (two stars for difficulty), and Maggie the Mage (three stars for difficulty).

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Victoria is a former Knight of the Solaire Royal Guard who formed and now acts as the MythForce leader. She’s more of a defensive hero who favors close-range combat. Her skills include Vanguard, which allows her to charge into battle while knocking nearby monsters; Sling Shield, for which she will throw her shield, making it bounce from enemy to enemy while breaking their defenses; and Lion’s Roar, a powerful skill that will draw enemy attention toward her as she summons her enchanted mace and shield.


Hawkins is someone who, after years of being a solitary monster hunter, decided to join MythForce to bring justice to this world. He excels at attacking from a safer distance and can enter the spirit realm to pass through any enemy that might be blocking his path. His skills are Spectral Detour, which makes him ethereal for a short period of time while boosting his speed; Phantom Shot will allow him to attack in a straight line while inflicting the corrupted status on all targets; and Rift Arrow, which will make Hawkins fire a powerful arrow that will pull in enemies before exploding.

Next up is Rico, a quick and nimble Rogue who used to be one of Deadalus’ fiercest generals before joining MythForce to fight against the forces of evil as he tries to atone for his past. He loves to dash in, deal some damage, and then get out of harm’s way before it’s too late. His abilities include Pocket Sand, which allows Rico to blind groups of enemies by throwing a pocketful of sand in their eyes; Deadly Thrust, which allows him to attack enemies in front of him as he quickly leaps forward; and Backlash, a powerful ability that makes Rico teleport behind an enemy to deliver a devastating series of slash attacks.

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The last MythForce member is Maggie. She’s a powerful mage who is one of the finest to graduate from The Lyceum, Eldryth’s leading mage academy. Maggie does not have a lot of endurance or close combat strength, but she definitely packs a punch, thanks to her magic! She can use Snap, which quickly teleports her forward after snapping her fingers; Familiar, which summons an entity that fires magical bolts at enemies; and Barrier, which summons a magical bubble shield that buffs her abilities, debuffs enemies, and stops ranged and magical attacks from the outside!


Find a magical anvil, and you’ll get to enchant your weaponry. Take, for example, what could happen if you’re playing as Victoria. Once you interact with the anvil, you could add a 20% attack boost to your mace attacks while also making mace special attacks inflict the daze status on enemies. Another option would be Painful, which adds a considerable 60% boost to your damage, as long as you can deal with consuming 1 HP with every hit. A good option could also be Beastor’s Rage, which will have power attacks deal 20% extra damage but will lower damage dealt by light attacks by 20%.

Along with the aforementioned magical anvil, you can also end up finding special shrines where you can add new perks to your character to boost your odds of survival. Some examples of the perks that you can gain include Inspiring Defense, which, on perfect block, will allow nearby allies and yourself to gain an extra 10% physical defense for 10 seconds. Another one is Painsmith, which, if combined with a weapon upgrade that, for instance, inflicts poison on an opponent, can be quite deadly. Why? Because it increases damage over time, effects that you cause by a whopping 50%!

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The gold you collect along the way by defeating enemies and opening the treasure chests in each area can be spent in different ways. You might find a special small contraption where you can spend your hard-earned gold to gamble a bit since you won’t know what trinket you’ll get. Another option is spending your gold with the merchant to obtain, for instance, a medium healing potion to treat your wounds or maybe a Defender’s Shard, which grants a random perk that benefits survivability or support. Or you might want to spend a lot of gold to reroll the items available at the shop.


And now, let’s talk about the trophies! It’s a full list with a Platinum trophy for you to work on as you play this one offline or online, either with your PSN friends or with any gamer from around the world. The list includes 4 Bronze trophies, 13 Silver trophies, and 6 Gold trophies in total. There are trophies for completing each episode in the game, for failing dozens of times, defeating 250 skeletons, 250 sporefolk, or 250 lizardmen, defeating 2,000 enemies in total, dealing over 500 damage in a single attack, or completing any episode without taking any damage.

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MythForce brings us a fun Saturday morning cartoon-inspired mythical first-person roguelite. As the titular group, you’ll have to choose your hero to take on the evil vampire lord Daedalus and its deadly underlings as you try to rebuild the Citadel of the Sun to its former glory. By making the most of the skills of Victoria the Knight, Hawkins the Hunter, Rico the Rogue, and Maggie the Mage on your own or in online co-op, you’ll take on the gameplay loop that will allow you to boost your characters and gain better equipment that will bring you closer and closer to your end goal. MythForce is out on PlayStation 5 with a $29.99 price tag.

This MythForce review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Aspyr.

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A fun Saturday morning cartoon-inspired mythical first-person roguelite