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[PlayStation 5] Gord Review

[PlayStation 5] Gord Review
  • On October 24, 2023

Gord from Team17 and indie is a dark-fantasy strategy survival sim game set in a world inspired by Slavic mythology. Check out our Gord review!


Gord from Team17 and indie is a dark-fantasy strategy survival sim game set in a world inspired by Slavic mythology. It’s up to you to follow the King’s orders and build new settlements in an untamed world where the creatures of darkness lurk around every corner. You’ll act as the leader of the Tribe of the Dawn and must do whatever it takes to supervise their well-being… and their sanity. A gord is a medieval Slavonic fortified settlement, hence the game’s name.

Your growing group will need your strength and wisdom at the worst of times and at the best of times. You’ll have to provide for them so that they don’t starve. You’ll need to make sure that a disease does not end up consuming their lives. The trauma of death around them – as well as the trauma of living in constant danger – will also need to be something you should keep in mind. Will you be able to survive in Lysatia as you search for valuable treasure?

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Danger is always there, just beyond the relative safety of the settlement. Because of this, you’ll need to train your subjects so that they can have a bit of a fighting chance when out exploring. As you take on each procedurally generated set of locations for your current run, you’ll be taking control of the individuals in your group as if playing a real-time strategy game, issuing commands, and stacking them up.

The game can be played in one of four difficulty settings: Casual, Standard, Brutal, or Permadeath. When playing on Casual, the Gods will be on your side, so you’ll be able to start with more resources, enemies will be weaker, the people under your watch will heal at a faster pace, and their Faith will also grow much faster. If you play in the Standard difficulty setting, you’ll take on a balanced journey with a good challenge that will test your skills without feeling overwhelmed.


The next jump will be the Brutal difficulty setting. Unfortunately, the Gods have abandoned you, so you’ll need to give it your all to try and survive with the reduced resources at your disposal. Your subjects will have a hard time healing their wounds, and enemies will be out for blood. And then, there’s the Permadeath difficulty setting. You’re very much all alone for this journey, with enemies that won’t stop until you’re dead. When this happens, there’s no second chance since there will only be one auto-save slot that is automatically erased upon your failure.

Your first task will be to reach the pond that the scouts had marked as a suitable location for the gord. It has access to water, reeds, and some of the resources needed to keep a group of subjects alive and safer than if they remained out in the wilds. But before you can even think about that, you’ll first need to secure the area by building wooden walls to try and keep everyone secure. Procure resources such as wood, reed, food, clay, iron, and gold.

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Wood and reed will be used for building structures at a basic level. Food is needed for your subjects to stay healthy so that they don’t go hungry. Hungry subjects can end up with lower sanity. Clay and iron are needed for more advanced structures required for progressing further into your adventure. Gold is needed for the upkeep of those of military professions, which you’ll require to really be able to deal good damage to the monstrosities you’ll run into.

Once you get started, you’ll control the camera with the left analog stick, zooming in and out and rotating the camera as needed by using the right analog stick. On the right side of the screen, you’ll be able to see your living subjects. From there, you can review their health, sanity, and profession. You can select a subject with the X button and can switch between subjects by pressing the L2 and R2 buttons. By pressing and holding down the X button, you’ll be able to select multiple units.


You can then issue orders to them by pressing the Square button and holding down the button to add an order to the queue. The simplest order will be for units to move to a designated spot on the map. You can also use the Square button to search to try and find something valuable. Your units will attack nearby opponents with all of their might, but you can also decide to have someone guard a subject to try and keep them safe.

Spells will play an important role in this journey. Spells will be tied to your temple’s level, so you won’t be able to use the more powerful spells before putting in the time needed – and spending the required resources – to improve your temple. Some of the spells you’ll gain access to include Sight, which can channel the power of the sun to illuminate the gloom of eternal night. A higher-level spell that is very useful is Rejuvenate, which will make divine power flow through you and your companions, healing physical wounds and even curing poison!

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To keep the cycle going, you’ll have to continue searching for more resources. Building a lumber mill will be very useful since that way, lumberjacks can process fallen trees to turn them into wood. You’ll also need to build a thatchery to process water cane into reed. A forager’s hut is just as important for your efforts since it will allow foragers to process mushrooms into food, which is needed to keep your subjects as healthy as possible.

Your subjects need to remain sane, or else they will stop following orders and might go away from the group. Perhaps you should build a meadery so that people can enjoy themselves with some mead. Torchlight will allow you to spot enemies in the darkness, and it will also prevent your subjects from losing more sanity. Building a scout tower will make it possible for some people to act as scouts so that they can spot danger from a distance.


Gord has a full trophy list waiting for you. To get that Platinum for your collection, you’ll need to complete a ton of objectives to unlock the 30 Bronze trophies, 10 Silver trophies, and 3 Gold trophies on the list. There are trophies that will pop up as you progress through the game’s Campaign. Others will pop by defeating specific creatures in a Custom Scenario. As for some of the miscellaneous objectives, you will need to complete a side-quest, have someone die of old age while being under two afflictions, have a child born in the gord die of old age, defeat a legendary monster, or have three children alive at the same time without any adults on the entire map.

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Gord is a dark-fantasy strategy survival sim game set in a world inspired by Slavic mythology. As you set up a gord to serve as the base for your new community, you’ll have to order your subjects to gather resources as you build new structures to further progress in your journey. The world of Lysatia is full of dark entities that can strike at any moment, and if you don’t prepare your subjects for the incoming onslaught, they could end up being whipped out in a blink. There are some performance issues with framerate drops when things get too hectic.

The game’s overall premise, presentation, and gameplay mechanics will not be for everyone since it’s more of a hardcore experience, even at the lower difficulty settings. Gord is out on PlayStation 5 with a $34.99 asking price. There’s also the Hold Your Ground DLC for only $2.99, which adds a custom wave defense scenario in which you’ll need to prepare for the coming onslaught as enemies get stronger with each new wave.

This Gord review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Team17.

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Dark-fantasy strategy survival sim game set in a world inspired by Slavic mythology