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[Nintendo Switch] PAW Patrol World Review

[Nintendo Switch] PAW Patrol World Review
  • On November 9, 2023

PAW Patrol World from Outright Games and 3D Clouds is a new 3D action adventure that is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Check out our PAW Patrol World review!


PAW Patrol World from Outright Games and 3D Clouds is a new 3D action adventure that is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. The first game from 3D Clouds was the colorful All-Star Fruit Racing, a kart racing experience we got to review on PlayStation 4. This time around, you’ll be joining Ryder and your favorite pups – Chase, Skye, Marshall, Rubble, Zuma, Rocky, Everest, and Tracker – on a new adventure where you’ll be using each pup’s skills as well as their vehicles to save the day once again.

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For this new adventure, the PAW Patrol Festival is right around the corner, and everyone in Adventure Bay is ready to celebrate and have a good time. Unfortunately, Mayor Humdinger and his Kitten Catastrophe Crew are up to no good. The Kitten Catastrophe Crew is the counterpart of the PAW Patrol and consists of felines Cat Chase, Cat Skye, Cat Marshall, Cat Rubble, Cat Zuma, and Meow-Meow.


Mayor Humdinger and his Kitten Catastrophe Crew have taken all of the festival posters while also causing mayhem from his new superblimp! Your journey will take you through Adventure Bay, Jake’s Mountain, Barkingburg, and the Jungle as you try to find all the missing festival posters. Along with this, you’ll also get to enjoy some flashback missions that will take you back to the stories from some of your favorite PAW Patrol episodes in the series.

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Once you’re ready to go, you’ll control each PAW Patrol member with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you swing around the camera with the right analog stick. The B button will be used for jumping, while the A button will be for interacting with objects and other characters. The Y button will be used for interacting with objects, talking to people, or using each pup’s special ability. You can switch between pups by pressing the A button. You can also switch vehicles with the X button as needed. You’ll get to learn the basics during the starting tutorial that asks that you train for your new adventure so that you’re ready to complete your first mission.


There’s been an accident at the bridge, and it’s up to the PAW Patrol to help clean up the mess so that the festival can continue. You can do this on foot or by activating your pup’s vehicle. You’ll have to use Chase’s megaphone to ask people to move out of the way. After that, Chase’s vehicle can be used to move the truck that is blocking the bridge out of the way. Since there’s a pile of snacks right there on the bridge, you’ll have to change to Rubble so that you can use his excavator to collect all the snacks.

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After that’s been taken care of, you should go and pay Mayor Goodway a visit to see what else is needed to get the festival going. As expected, it’s then that Mayor Goodway will let you know that witnesses saw the Kitten Catastrophe Crew is the one responsible for this mess. And, you know, Mayor Humdinger. At least you’ll be rewarded with a new item to customize your pups before you get started with this new adventure!


Along the way, you’ll be able to grab many pup treats, which act as the game’s collectibles. As you grab more and more, the rewards bar will fill up. By grabbing as many as possible, you’ll be able to trade them to unlock additional outfits for your pups, emotes, stickers for vehicles, postcard stamps, and more. There are also DLC packs available for the game at a $3.99 asking price, with options for Aqua Pups, Halloween, Rescue Knights, The Mighty Movie, and an Ultimate Rescue costume pack.

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If you’re a PAW Patrol fan, then getting PAW Patrol World on Nintendo’s console is a no-brainer. It allows fans of all ages to take on a 3D open-world adventure with many main and sidequests to complete. It’s also fully voice-acted, so fans of the series will be able to enjoy this one even more. There are customization elements to unlock, with stickers to add to postcards, items to outfit the pups, and ways to decorate their vehicles. PAW Patrol World is out on Nintendo Switch with a $39.99 price tag.

This Paw Patrol World review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Outright Games.

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A fun open-world adventure with the PAW Patrol