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EA Sports UFC 5: Champion or Journeyman?

EA Sports UFC 5: Champion or Journeyman?

As the temperatures dip in our march towards the festive period and the heart of winter, most of us will be spending more time at home.

Gone are the long, hazy days of summer when you could drop your work stuff at home and head to the part for a few hours of play before visiting a local cafe. Eating dinner at an outside table and watching the world go by is no longer an option for many readers, and it won't be until the break of spring 2024.

How will you amuse yourself during the long nights, shielded from winter's icy blast? Many of us like to visit the gym with the most experienced heads, knowing summer and beach bodies are crafted not in March and April but in December and January. Others prefer to cover up and keep warm, binge-watching the latest popular documentary or series on Netflix and other popular live-streaming channels. You may be more of a gamer. If that's true, this article will help you not only survive winter but thrive during the big freeze.

With the Ultimate Fighting Championship about to drop another big night in Las Vegas, you can make predictions on the best bouts at the leading UFC betting sites. In preparation for the next UFC show, you may buy the latest UFC console game, perfecting your skills and building a fearsome winning record. Play at home against the computer or, when you're ready, branch out and face opponents, including friends and family, online.

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EA Sports UFC 5

The game will feature highly on many Christmas wish lists, but adults don't need to wait for Santa Claus to deliver the goods down their chimney. EA Sports UFC 5 is the latest release in an already popular franchise, following the unparalleled success of EA Sports UFC 4, which arrived on the scene in 2020. A best-in-class at the time, game players are desperate to see if Electronic Arts can continue to raise the bar.

EA Sports UFC 5 hit the shelves in October 2023 and is available to purchase or download and play on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Developed by EA Vancouver for EA Sports, the game was directed by Brian Hayes and produced by a talented team led by Nate McDonald. Running off the popular Frostbite engine and offering both single and multi-player gameplay, those behind the new release promise EA Sports UFC 5 is the most realistic and immersive of all MMA games available on the market today. They believe this title has raised the bar.

EA Sports UFC 5 - 1

Does it live up to expectations, or can one of the previous releases challenge for the top spot? That remains unclear as the game has only been available for a few weeks. But the early signs are encouraging, with gamers reporting a user-friendly interface, smooth gameplay, realistic graphics and sounds, expert commentary, and believable signature moves. It has all the brutality of a live UFC fight with the smooth gameplay of a boxing console title.

Players can choose from some top UFC names, past and present. The most talented fighter on the roster is in the Legacy section, with gamers taking control of the world-famous and supremely talented Georges St Pierre. If you'd prefer to choose a more current fighter, EA Sports UFC 5 has all your favorites available and ready to go to war. Choose your fighter, select an opponent, and push for the win. You can fight in the octagon or sharpen your skills in the practice arena.

Ratings and reviews

How did the experts receive the game? Did it get the glowing report producers hoped for, or did it collapse under scrutiny, unable to handle the heat of a fiercely competitive market? The best way to find out is to try EA Sports UFC 5 for yourself. The game has been rated and reviewed by many trusted sources, but many gamers like to find out for themselves. Download the game to PS5 today or play a trial version online to get a feel for the experience before spending your hard-earned cash.

EA Sports UFC 5 - 2

Checking the scores available at the top PS critics and their sites, we see EA Sports UFC 5 was a big hit. It scored highly with many popular apps, including IGN, which scored the game 9/10. The Open Critic Rating was 'Strong' with a Top Critic average of 79%, with almost all trusted sources filing it as a worthwhile buy. Gaming Trend scored 85/100, God is a Geek, and The Sixth Axis both scored 8/10, while Video Gamer gave it a solid seven. Hobby Consolas agreed with the majority, returning an 80/100 return.

EA Sports UFC 5 enjoyed huge sales and success across North America and Europe in the opening weekend, and it has since settled into a steady groove. Experts predict that UFC 5 will be one of the hottest-selling console games of Christmas 2023, and current trends suggest it will hit its lofty sales targets.

EA Sports UFC 5 - 3

The game is available to purchase today from all good console game retailers, online, and at the PlayStation Store. Grab your copy, give it a whirl this winter, and tell us what you think. Did it live up to your high expectations? Is it the best MMA console game you've ever played? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Affordable alternatives

As you're probably aware, UFC 5 costs a pretty penny, and there are more affordable console games for MMA fans. Which is the best and which can give UFC 5 a run for its money, coming with a less expensive price tag but with an exciting story and smooth gameplay? UFC Undisputed 3 is a few years old now, and some of the most famous names have retired, but it remains an enjoyable play. It scores just ahead of our second favorite MMA budget game, which is UFC Undisputed 2010. Making up the top three of our challengers to EA Sports UFC 5 console game is the memorable UFC Undisputed 2009.