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[Nintendo Switch] Just Dance 2024 Edition Review

[Nintendo Switch] Just Dance 2024 Edition Review
  • On November 29, 2023

Just Dance 2024 Edition from Ubisoft brings us 40 new songs to party to on Nintendo Switch. Are you ready? Then check out our Just Dance 2024 Edition review!


Just Dance 2024 Edition from Ubisoft brings us 40 new songs to party to on Nintendo Switch. Since it’s the end of 2023, it’s now time for the fifteenth entry in the long-running and fun series. If you’ve somehow managed to not experience any of the games in the franchise, it features motion-based gameplay in which you’ll have to pay attention to the prompts that move from right to left on the bottom of the screen so that you can time your movement to the instructions as you dance to the beat.

For this new edition, the songs that you’ll be able to dance to are the following:

“A Night in the Château de Versailles” by The Just Dance Orchestra
“After Party” by Banx & Ranx ft. Zach Zoya
“Butter” by BTS
“Calm Down” by Rema
“Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai
“Can’t Tame Her” by Zara Larsson
“Chaise Longue” by Wet Leg
“Cradles” by Sub Urban
“Cure For Me” by Aurora
“Don’t Cha” by The Pussycat Dolls Ft. Busta Rhymes
“Flowers” by Miley Cyrus
“Gimme More” by Britney Spears
“How You Like That” by BLACKPINK
“I Am My Own Muse” by Fall Out Boy
“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston
“I’m Good (Blue)” by David Guetta & Bebe Rexha
“I’m Not Here to Make Friends” by Sam Smith
“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” by Andy Williams
“Kill Bill” by SZA
“Makeba” by Jain
“My Name Is” by D Billions
“Never Be Like You” by Flume Ft. Kai
“Rapper’s Delight” by Groove Century
“Say My Name” by ATEEZ
“Seven” by Jung Kook ft. Latto
“Shine a Little Love” by The Sunlight Shakers
“Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson
“Survivor” by Destiny’s Child
“Swan Lake” by The Just Dance Orchestra
“Tainted Love” by The Just Dancers
“Tití Me Preguntó” by Bad Bunny
“Treasure” by Bruno Mars
“vampire” by Olivia Rodrigo
“Wasabi” by Little Mix
“Whitney” by Rêve
“Woof” by Sofi Tukker
“you should see me in a crown” by Billie Eilish


Just Dance 2024 is now an online platform for the Just Dance experience, which means that, yes, you will need an online connection to be able to play the songs. You’ll be given the option of downloading up to 40 songs locally to your console, which means that you’ll be able to download all 40 songs to your console without issue – minus some variants. Some of the aforementioned songs feature alternate versions or even Extreme versions that considerably ramp up the difficulty. Things can be a bit tricky if you would like to download the new songs that will be made available at no extra cost over the next year or if you use the Just Dance+ subscription service – more on this in a bit.

Just Dance 2024 Edition Review - 1

Since you’ll be streaming songs most of the time, and since the game requires an internet connection for updating the base game and the overall gameplay system, you will need to have a good download speed, preferably a wired connection to your Nintendo Switch. This does not mean that you can’t play the game on your console in Portable or Tabletop Mode – or on a Nintendo Switch Lite – with a Wi-Fi connection, but do expect to have some hiccups in the menus and to have times when the video downloads and the first couple of seconds can end up showing a bit more pixelated than expected.

Oh, and if you don’t already have a Ubisoft account, you’ll have to create one since the game supports Ubisoft Connect. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to keep your progress safe and valid across all platforms, and you can also unlock rewards for completing challenges and compare your game stats and achievements with others. Again, this one needs you to be online to be able to play, so be ready for it! I do want to mention that during my first couple of gameplay sessions, I ran into some connection errors – something that’s never happened to me before with other games on Nintendo Switch – but those started to go away the more I played the game during subsequent days.


Unlike other platforms that also have Just Dance 2024, there’s no need for you to use your smartphone to download the companion app on Nintendo Switch. Why? Because thanks to the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and their motion control capabilities, you’ll be good to go right away. The Just Dance series got its start on the Nintendo Wii, which featured the Wiimotes as its main controller which included accelerometers for some motion-sensing fun.

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Along with the main Story Mode – yes, there’s very much a Story Mode in Just Dance 2024 – you can also take the Workout Mode for a spin. As the name suggests, you can use Workout Mode to select a routine that you can use to exercise as you burn lots of calories and have fun! The more fun you have, the more calories you’ll burn, and before you know it, you’ll be on your path to a healthier life. You can play Workout Mode either on your own or in multiplayer, depending on your mood, or if you need the support of friends or family members. You can also play in Challenge Mode, where you’ll challenge others to beat your score as you climb up the leaderboards.

And then, there’s the Just Dance+ subscription service. Just Dance+ gives you access to more a current library of more than 300 songs, with more songs being added over the next year. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to enjoy legacy content with songs from previous games in the Just Dance series, as well as new songs exclusive to each season. What songs will you find in the Just Dance+ streaming service? You can dance to Miraculous Ladybug theme song from Lou and Lenni-Kim, What Makes You Beautiful from One Direction, Livin’ La Vida Loca from Ricky Martin, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough from Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrel, The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) from Ylvis, Step by Step from New Kids On The Block, or Baby One More Time from Britney Spears, to name some examples.

Just Dance 2024 Edition Review - JD Plus


Just Dance 2024 Edition brings us 40 new songs to party to on Nintendo Switch. It offers a good selection of a variety of artists from many genres, so you’re bound to find something that makes you jump around and dance in time with the beat. If you own Just Dance 2023, then you should know that by getting Just Dance 2024 Edition, the 40 songs from this game will be added to your download of Just Dance 2023, so you’ll be using the same icon as before to launch the whole thing. Just Dance 2024 Edition is out on Nintendo Switch with a $59.99 asking price. You’ll get a one-month free trial of the Just Dance+ service so that you can try it out. You can also get additional subscriptions to the service for a month, three months, or a whole year.

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This Just Dance 2024 Edition review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Ubisoft.

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40 fun songs wrapped in a online-only package