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[Nintendo Switch] SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE Review

[Nintendo Switch] SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE Review
  • On December 7, 2023

SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE from Konami and Second Impact Games brings us a wacky musical mini-game party game adventure on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE review!


SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE from Konami and Second Impact Games brings us a wacky musical mini-game party game adventure on Nintendo Switch. You’ll be exploring the titular location under the control of King Ferdinand, who has prepared a series of challenges for you to complete. Why would he do this? Because he’s a bit cuckoo and has decided to defend his crown from any wannabe Kings. It’s been ten years now, and no one has managed to beat King Ferdinand. Will you be the one who manages to break his streak?

Once you’re ready to jump into action, your first task will be to select the character you’ll be playing as. These include B. Box, who ends up at SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE by mistake since the invite was actually intended for his neighbor, Clive; Trinity, who has suffered from the loss of her friends and some limbs, which have been replaced in the demon world; Jingle, a magpie who honestly doesn’t really care about music, and is more interested in the shiny crown reward; and Mike, the Ministry of Music’s top detective who is trying to find out what types of shenanigans the King is up to.


You’ll be taking on this one either on your own or with up to four players in total. You can play this one either locally or take the fun globally if you’re a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber. There are several different types of games for you to tackle, and you’ll have to pay attention to the beat to keep ahead of others. The first one you’ll find will have you pressing the L, Y, and R buttons as notes descend towards the bottom of the screen. Press each button as the note lands on the corresponding spot on the lane to boost your score. Simple, right?


Things will change for the next one since you’ll be using the left analog stick to control a cannon that will shoot at targets in time with the beat. And the next mini-game? It will go back to what was done for the first one, except that things will quickly start to get… weird. You’ll be asked to press a button in the middle of the song, so you press the B button to move away from the rhythm game and rush to interact with the button.

After this, you’ll be asked to once again press the button that pops up, but this won’t be enough. You’ll have to run toward another button, but the game will say you pushed it too hard, so you’ll now have to press four buttons before rushing back to the rhythm game. Oh, and pressing those four buttons will make a bunch of fluffy items drop, which will get in the way of you being able to see the notes to press the corresponding buttons on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. This means you’ll have to move those out of the way so that you can have a chance of completing the mini-game.


And then, that’s when things really get crazy. You’ll get to meet King Ferdinand thanks to a pair of huge screens showing his huge face, and it’s then that he makes the floor below you collapse! You’ll now be trapped in the castle’s dungeon and must find a way to escape this whole scenario and somehow beat King Ferdinand at his own game(s) to win the gold crown before it’s too late.


As you complete the mini-games, you’ll be awarded up to three stars based on your performance. This is important since stars will be used as currency in the game. Without spoiling things too much, I’ll discuss the first instance of this happening. After running into a door that is covered in some rather large vines, you’ll have to use the stars you’ve collected to feed them to a creature that is blocking another path. By moving the creature out of the way, you’ll reach an old-school telephone booth, where you’ll find some very useful weed killer that is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

Unfortunately, the weed killer alone is not strong enough to get rid of the vines, so you’ll have to use an ancient musical sacred ritual to imbue the bag of weed killer with some magical energy that can help you remove the vines. Along with the familiar rhythm game experience, you’ll also have to feed the bag of weed killer. While the original ritual calls for blood, the weed killer is vegan, so you’ll have to run to the bins on the sides of the screen to throw some broccoli into the ritual circle. After that, add some fire around the circle, feed the weed killer some more broccoli, continue with the rhythm game segment, and you’ll be rewarded with some pretty powerful plant pipes that you can shoot with the ZR button to get rid of any plants foolish enough to block your progress.


There are also bosses for you to take care of during your time with. The first one you’ll run into is a mutated giant vegetable – DJ Eggplant – that will have you using the rhythm game segment of the fight to build up energy for the cannon at the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve managed to build up enough energy, you’ll have to use your recently obtained plant pipes to spray the vines the boss throws over the rhythm game lanes. Take care of that, and you’ll then be able to hit the notes as they land at the bottom of the lanes to unleash the turret’s bullets, thus dealing some good damage to the boss.


Since this one is being published by Konami, you would expect there to be some songs from Konami’s long history in the industry, correct? I’m here to report that is certainly the case… but you’ll have to work to unlock them! These classics exist in SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE in the form of old-school cartridges, and if you want to 100% the game and have access to the songs, you’re going to have to search everywhere to add them to your collection!


SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE is a very fun, wacky musical mini-game party game adventure. It was a pleasant surprise on Nintendo Switch and one you should definitely check out. While the rhythm game part is important, there’s more to the game than that. The crazy part of the game certainly comes into play as you work on feeding interdimensional entities ready to destroy the world, take on the giant DJ Eggplant with plant pipes that dispense weed killer, all while powering up a cannon you can use to shoot at the boss, or use tools that need to be charged up with your rhythm game performance so that you can blow up purple rocks or melt away green chunks of metal with a laser. SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE is out on Nintendo Switch with a $39.99 asking price.


This SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Konami.

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