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[Nintendo Switch] Pixel Cafe Review

[Nintendo Switch] Pixel Cafe Review
  • On December 14, 2023

Pixel Cafe from Baltoro Games brings us a cafe management sim/visual novel coming-of-age combo on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Pixel Cafe review!


Pixel Cafe from Baltoro Games brings us a cafe management sim/visual novel coming-of-age combo on Nintendo Switch. You’ll be playing as the titular character – her name being Pixel, and not Cafe – who, when she was a little girl, was asked what she wanted to be. Her first answer was sorceress. But after that, she went through dancer, dinosaur, animal doctor, bus driver, painter, farmer, dance teacher, astronaut, actress, and lawyer as potential options. She now wants to be alone… which is why it’s weird she ends up becoming a barista!

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But before that, some additional info. After Pixel’s grandmother passed away, she immediately rented out her house since there were plenty of interested tenants. It wasn’t until some time later that she realized that she wanted to leave behind her current living space and live at her grandma’s house. And after what was probably the hundredth argument with her mom, she decided it was time. She called the tenants to inform them she would be returning to Karstok to live at the house, and they quickly moved out. Weird, right?


Pixel bought a train ticket and, with suitcase in hand, moved into her new life. You’ll be taught the basics by Sandra so that you can get started with the many orders from your customers who are patiently waiting. Working the coffee machine is important, but you’ll also need to know where the ingredients are. This is crucial since everything has its own specific place.

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The game can be played either by using the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con or the console’s touchscreen. When using physical inputs, you’ll control a cursor on the screen with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you use your kitchen equipment to complete the different orders that pop up. You can pick up something with the A button, can trash it with the X button, and can go back to the last ingredient used by pressing the B button. The right analog stick will be used for switching counters. You can also collect money by pressing the Y button.


During your first real day of work, you’ll be working alongside Sandra. First up will be a customer asking for a coffee, so you’ll have to grab a cup, pour some coffee into it, and serve it right away… as long as it doesn’t end up overflowing! You’ll also have to serve food to your customers, so don’t forget to put it on a plate first before delivering it to them! There’s more than one counter to work, so you’ll have to keep an eye on the indicator at the top of the screen so that you can quickly change between them as needed.

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If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed due to the number of clients you need to serve and the many orders you need to complete, you can go and activate your special, which will get you in the zone for a brief period of time. While your special is active, your equipment will be more efficient, so you’ll be able to complete orders faster and more efficiently, which will certainly impress your customers. You’ll first have to fill up your special bar at the top right of the screen, so do keep an eye on it!


The better you do during your day, the more money you will earn. Some customers will leave a generous tip after getting their order. All of the money is added to your daily tally, which you can see at the top of the screen. If you want to get the best rating for each day, you’ll have to give it your best shot to try and fill up the bar. Do know that if you make a mistake and need to trash an order, you’ll be taking a small pay cut to cover its cost.

The money you earn can be used to upgrade your tools and spaces at your disposal. Spend $100 to upgrade the number of slots on the counter so that you can serve more drinks and dishes. Upgrade the coffee machine so that you can make two cups of coffee at once. Upgrading your workspace and tools is going to be a must if you want to 100% the game.

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Money can also be spent back at your new house to make some upgrades. You could add a new radio to your bedroom to increase Pixel’s happiness, maybe get a new fridge for the kitchen, or get a new gaming chair for the living room. What will you do with the happiness you gain? You will be able to upgrade Pixel herself! You could boost the duration of her special or how fast the special bar fills up. She can also train to boost her drunk preparation, or how fast she can prepare dishes that need to be cooked… while also making sure to make it harder for them to be overcooked!

Pixel Cafe brings us a cafe management sim/visual novel coming-of-age combo. As the titular Pixel, you’ll start working at the aptly titled The Pit and work your way up to other establishments as new elements are thrown into the mix, all while trying to keep your customers happy. You’ll learn more about Pixel’s life with her grandfather and grandmother, her relationship with her mother and her father, and how she feels she’s missing the passion that drives other people to work on their craft. Pixel Cafe is out on Nintendo Switch with a $12.99 price tag.

This Pixel Cafe review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Baltoro Games.

Review Overview

Will Pixel manage to improve her craft while also finding happiness?