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Witch Rise Out Today On Consoles

Witch Rise Out Today On Consoles
  • On January 19, 2024

Fantasy-themed first-person shooter Witch Rise from Ratalaika Games and lightUP is ready to go on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out!


A first-person shooter in a magical kingdom
Witch Rise tells the tale of a sweet, innocent young girl who was turned into a piglet by the cruel Fallen Witch.

Now, our heroine must embark on a quest to overcome the curse and change back into to her old self again. During your journey you’ll need to find the four magic staffs in order defeat the Fallen Witch, and thus recover your human body.

Explore a lush 3D world spanning across 4 different biomes populated with adorable 2D sprites.


Witch Rise Review - 1

Witch Rise Features:

* First-person shooter gameplay

* Medieval fantasy inspired themes

* Travel through 4 different biomes

* Cute 2D pixelated graphics set on a 3D world

* Explore the world and choose between many alternative paths

* Find items and level up


We’ll be working on a review for Witch Rise from lightUP and Ratalaika Games, so be sure to stick around at!

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