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[Nintendo Switch] Electrician Simulator Review

[Nintendo Switch] Electrician Simulator Review
  • On January 24, 2024

Electrician Simulator from Gaming Factory and Take It Studio! is a sim experience in which you’ll help customers by fixing their electrical devices. Check our Electrician Simulator review!


Electrician Simulator from Gaming Factory and Take It Studio! is a sim experience in which you’ll help customers by fixing their electrical devices. It’s time for you to take on a new business endeavor and follow in the footsteps of your old man. Because of the game’s nature and overall premise, there’s a special disclaimer presented when you boot up the game that is very, very important:

All actions performed by the main character are designed for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY.


Thank you. The development team.

Got it?

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As you can tell from the trailer and screens in this Electrician Simulator review, the game is played from a first-person perspective. The game can also be played by using the console’s screen when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode or if playing on a Nintendo Switch Lite. As for the physical inputs, you’ll control your character with the left analog stick as you look around with the right one. You can sprint by pressing in on the left analog stick and jump by pressing the A button. Pressing in on the right analog stick will make your character crouch. You can interact by pressing the ZR button as needed.


Your inventory will open up by pressing the X button. Your equipment slots can be cycled through by pressing left or right on the D-Pad. Tools can then be accessed with the Y button. When working on fixing stuff or taking care of some parts that need to be replaced, you’ll be able to rotate items with the L and R buttons so that you can get a solid fit. If you need to be even more careful about an item’s placement, you can activate precision mode by pressing the ZL button. When on the workbench, you’ll be able to use the ZL and ZR buttons to zoom in and out, as well as activate the rotating mode by pressing the Y button. Oh, and if you need a tip, just press up on the D-Pad!

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You’ll learn the basics during the game’s VR tutorial segments, as well as during the loading screens. Did you know that for electrical installations, grounding (PE) is the yellow wire? With $200 in pocket money, and after moving out of your parent’s home, you’ll start your new adventure as an electrician after moving to your new home. Unpack the can and get ready to take on some new jobs that can help pay the bills! Your reputation and money are important since you need to have a good reputation to be able to take on the more challenging jobs, and money is, well, money! You’ll need to earn more if you want to expand your business.


Once you grab the VR goggles – and after selecting your company logo design and name – you’ll be ready to give the tutorials a go. The most basic of things you’ll get to do is change lightbulbs and fix switches. Yes, customers hate changing lightbulbs! But before you can do that in – video game – real life, you’ll first have to get your VR training certificate that proves you know how to do it. How will this particular tutorial unfold?

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You’ll first be asked to collect what is needed to change a lightbulb and fix a switch. You know, a new lightbulb and a screwdriver. And don’t forget to check that the fuses are off, or else it’s going to be very, very bad for your health! This is twice as important when trying to fix a switch since you need to make sure there’s no electricity running through the wires! For connecting wires when fixing things, you’ll have to pay attention to the icons and connect this to that in the right order. Boom! You just got your first certificate!


This one features an in-game achievement system for you to work on. There are several objectives for you to consider, such as unpacking all things from the car, completing all VR tutorials, finishing your first real job, fixing the first workbench items, placing the first item at your home, getting to a job without bringing the suggested items, getting shocked for the first time, completing a job in 2 minutes or less, connecting 19 lamps to a single light switch, or fixing all gaming items, to name some examples.

Since this is a game that was originally released back in 2022, there was certainly a risk of the game making the jump to the Nintendo Switch with tiny text. This is an issue with many PC-to-console games, so it also happens on PlayStation. I’m here to report that for Electrician Simulator on Nintendo Switch, the team has included the option to boost the scale for not only the HUD but also the workbench HUD and the UI, which means that text size can – and definitely should – be increased before you start with the game’s tutorials.

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Electrician Simulator is a sim experience in which you’ll help customers by fixing their electrical devices. Once you learn the basics, thanks to the VR tutorials, and get your certificates, you’ll get your supplies and set out to complete project after project as you boost your reputation and earn more and more money. If you want a first-person electrician sim experience on Nintendo Switch, then this one is going to tick all of those boxes. Do know that the textures, lighting, and framerate have taken a hit from PC to Switch jump, so your mileage with the game might vary. Electrician Simulator is out on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 price tag. There’s also the Smart Devices DLC with a $6.99 price, which will allow you to take on new missions to fix six new smart devices as you take on new tasks.

This Electrician Simulator review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Gaming Factory.

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