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[Nintendo Switch] Rising Lords Review

[Nintendo Switch] Rising Lords Review
  • On February 1, 2024

Rising Lords from Deck13 and Argonwood is a turn-based medieval strategy game on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Rising Lords review!


Rising Lords from Deck13 and Argonwood is a turn-based medieval strategy game on Nintendo Switch. After spending some time on Early Access, the game has now landed on Nintendo’s console. It’s an experience that mixes board game and card game elements in which you must take care of the region under your command as you aim to help the people under your leadership as Tankred of Tannheim.

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The land went through a long period of peace thanks to the fair and wise King who ruled over everyone and everything. Unfortunately, as the years passed, something started to happen in the King’s mind, corrupting his very essence. When chaos erupts in the kingdom of Aubelin, the King’s daughter decides it’s time to rebel against the mad King. After defeating him and locking him up, she renounced her claim to the throne, and lords were appointed for each region. Unfortunately, many of them end up falling into the claws of corruption, trying to make a coin on the side while neglecting the people and the land that they once cared for.

Peasants will be an important part of the gameplay loop since they’re needed to work the land, fix things, work on erecting new buildings, and more. You’ll have to place peasants in fields to work the land and obtain the resources needed to feed people. Others will need to be placed in the forestry so that they can collect wood. You will also have to work on buildings such as the inn to host visitors or a windmill to improve the field’s yield and process the crops.


As your population grows, you’ll obtain more peasants to aid you. For every 250 population in the region, another peasant will join your forces. Your population will also come into play when you create an army, as will your money and the equipment your smithy has crafted. Spearmen will need spears. Archers require bows and arrows. Knights will use shields and swords. Having an army is crucial for not only defending your land but also expanding your territory.

You will sometimes need to increase the distribution of rations during cold weather so that your people can survive. You will sometimes need to increase taxes so that you can have some extra money to cover the many expenses that come with running a mini-kingdom that you will aim to increase in size. You will sometimes need to defend your land. You will sometimes need to take the offensive. In either of those two scenarios, you will have to take on the game’s turn-based fights with a dash of card-based combat.

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Your army will need some deck-building help from you so that it can take into battle the right set of cards to get the job done. Blindly rushing into a fight is not going to do you any favors, and you won’t be able to win all battles the first time around, so there’s definitely going to be some trial and error needed on your end so that you can find the right combination of unit types and cards on your deck to conquer all odds.


Once you start a battle, you’ll have to place units on the grid battlefield as you try to take advantage of the terrain so that you can survive the oncoming onslaught. You’ll have to keep an eye on your army’s morale during combat since it’s needed to keep your units following your orders. The meters on the side of the screen will let you know how each army’s morale is doing. Green will reflect high morale. Red means an army has very low morale. You can also follow each unit’s morale as needed. Playing cards from your deck will add some extra strategy elements to each fight.

As you progress further in the game, complete tasks and take on the many fights in your future, your general will obtain experience points. These can be spent at the Skill Tree to unlock new skills in card form that can help you during subsequent encounters. Some examples include Take Aim, which allows the next attack from the target to deal an extra 75% in damage, or Shields Up, which allows the target unit to take only 10% damage from the next ranged attack. You can also upgrade cards by spending additional experience points, which can certainly make a difference.

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An issue that was to be expected for a game such as Rising Lords that is making its way from PC to console is that the font size is awfully small. Sure, the game offers three different font types, but there is no option to increase the font size or the overall UI. The game’s framerate is also considerably choppy on Nintendo Switch, so hopefully, this is something that can be fixed with a patch.


Rising Lords is a turn-based medieval strategy game on Nintendo Switch in which you’ll have to make a name for yourself as one of the lords in charge of one of the many regions into which the kingdom was split after the fall of the mad King. You’ll need to take care of the people who look up to you for food, comfort, and some sense of safety against the invading forces who aim to expand another lord’s power… all while you try to do the same. Might need to lower food distribution and boost tax collecting to be able to cover some costs so that you can increase your military power, but that’s just life, right? Rising Lords is out on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 price tag.

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This Rising Lords review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Deck13.

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Turn-based medieval strategy game that struggles on Switch