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[Nintendo Switch] Ceiba Review

[Nintendo Switch] Ceiba Review
  • On February 6, 2024

Ceiba from Valkyrie Initiative and Wirion is a visual novel set in a distant future in which artificial servants explore alien planets. Check our Ceiba review!


Ceiba from Valkyrie Initiative and Wirion is a visual novel set in a distant future in which artificial servants explore alien planets. They’re known as Artifites, and you’ll be taking on the role of a young one, the explorer known as Ayn. It’s been a while since the expedition started, and since there seems to be no end to this, he has set his sights on finding a girl. He has someone in mind, but who knows if his plans will pan out in the end.

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You see, there are some things to consider. While he does see her often, what with the crew having lunch together and their overall mission, this girl is different from the rest. First of all, she’s a bit on the cold side and has no interest in romance. She’s also sorta obsessed with exploring the abandoned alien ruins below the surface. Oh, and the ruins seem to have started to respond to her. You know, the usual.


What’s a visual novel? Games in this genre are experiences in which you’ll be taking on adventures of different lengths, and you’ll be doing a lot of reading as the game’s story is presented with detailed visuals for its characters and locations. So they’re novels that you consume in visual form. Some of them feature voice acting, but that’s not usually the case for most of them. As for Ceiba, it features voice acting in Russian.

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The controls are simple and to the point since you’ll be pressing the A or ZR buttons to move from dialogue to dialogue to progress through the game’s story. You can also move between dialogues and go back by pressing the L button and move forward to return to the dialogue you were on by pressing the R button. Pressing the Y button will remove the UI so that you can admire the background and character design. You can also play this one by using the console’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop.


You’ll need to be careful with how you act, because in this game, choices matter! Will you side with Miri and decide to disobey your superior and her superior by going into the ruins? How will you even manage to do that if you need to not only steal a huge transport seed but also grow it with the items available at the lab you work at? What if the seed grows before you can get to the platform from which you’ll fly down to the ruins? What if Miri’s huge and powerful supervisor crushes you with her chiseled biceps?

Under the Extra menu, you can review the BG and CG that you’ve managed to unlock during your time with Ceiba. There are 25 CG and 25 BG for you to add to your collection. You can also review information on the different characters you’ll meet. There’s also an in-game achievement for you to work on. There are only six achievements in total, so I won’t be talking about them in depth so as not to spoil things.


Fine, here’s a hint. Be sure to check the Author section of the game to get one of the achievements.

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Ceiba is a visual novel set in a distant future in which artificial servants explore alien planets. Artifites take the place of humans so that they are away from danger, but that doesn’t mean that Artifites aren’t important! Ayn is one of them, and as he tries to get closer to one of the girls on the expedition team, things start to take on a bizarre turn. Will the subterranean ruins hold the key to everyone’s future? Your choices will have an impact on how the story develops, and you’ll need to decide if siding with Miri is worth the world of hurt coming your way. Ceiba is out on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 price tag.

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This Ceiba review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Valkyrie Initiative.

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Will the Artifites succeed in their mission?