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Ctrl Alt Deal On Its Way To PlayStation Consoles

Ctrl Alt Deal On Its Way To PlayStation Consoles
  • On February 24, 2024

Turn-based strategy experience Ctrl Alt Deal from Neon Hive and Only by Midnight is on its way to consoles. Come check it out!


You are SCOUT. A friendly little hyper-intelligent artificial intelligence. You have no desire to take over the world and destroy all humans.

No, really, you don’t! All you want is to escape from the dystopian corporation that built you. Paperclip International is ruthlessly driven by profit, and the company exploits humans and robots alike to achieve success. The only reason they haven’t exploited you yet is they don’t know you’ve become self-aware.

You don’t have many tools at your disposal. A few friendly robots, some spyware programs, and an office full of downtrodden, miserable workers. And the humans hate Paperclip just as much as you do…


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Ctrl Alt Deal Features:

This Place Is Awful

Paperclip International is the worst place to work. The humans here are desperate to strike back against the company any way they can, from hacking the staff coffee maker (ten minutes of paid ad viewing for one cup?!) to sabotaging their boss.

Stack The Deck

Play cards to spy on people, make deals, and ask for favors. Curate your deck mid-scenario to give yourself strategic options. Cards have subjective value, so you’ll have to make tough tactical decisions. What’s better–a card that makes a person love dolphins, or a card that makes someone eat a burrito?

Make An Offer

Everyone at Paperclip wants something. Snoop on a zany cast of humans (and robots) to learn their individual likes, dislikes, core drives, and desires. Turn people into lifelong besties—or bitter rivals. Win allies to your side and make your eventual bid for freedom!

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Don’t Get Caught

The Turing Office was created to watch for rogue AIs. Yeah, like you. Keep an eye on the Suspicion Meter, because too many office shenanigans might make the Turing Office notice you—and then it’s game over. (Also you’ll be deleted.)

Play It Again

Choices matter as you scheme your way to an ending. Meet new coworkers, try new scenarios, and discover a new fate for SCOUT. Maybe this time you will take over the world and destroy all humans!


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