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[PlayStation 5] Dungeon Drafters Review

[PlayStation 5] Dungeon Drafters Review
  • On March 18, 2024

Dungeon Drafters from DANGEN Entertainment and Manalith Studios is a roguelite dungeon crawler with deck-building. Check our Dungeon Defenders review!


Dungeon Drafters from DANGEN Entertainment and Manalith Studios is a roguelite dungeon crawler with deck-building. It offers a fun mix of genres with a good challenge that will keep you returning for more. The World of 4 Corners is a land full of magic in which power has been imbued into cards. The 4 Archetypes and the 12 Saints went to war against The Stranger, a 5th false Archetype that wanted to destroy everything.

The 4 Archetypes sacrificed themselves to save the world by sealing away The Stranger. While peace lasted for many years, this is something that could not continue forever. A man’s greed led him to a tower where he found the ancient seal, breaking The Stanger’s prison. It’s now time to once again go on an adventure to raid the Tower and seal away The Stranger before it’s too late.

Dungeon Drafters Review - Heroes

There are 6 different characters for you to choose from for this adventure: Mage, Brawler, Monk, Bard, Shinobi, and Explorer. Each of these will have a signature starting deck for you to use, with the option of branching out by using new cards to complement their potential. As for the characters, the Mage is the prodigy of Garada, becoming one of the youngest to graduate from the Magic Academy. She’s more than ready for adventure, seeking the glory of conquering evil. The Brawler is the youngest champion of the Battlegrounds, and he wants to prove himself.


The Monk from the Draconic Spires is on a quest for enlightenment, using the ancient arts of the magic cards to save everyone. The Bard is a wandering artist from Hessia. She’s on the run due to some problems she caused back home. The Shinobi hails from the remote Draconic Spire. She’s joined the expedition to the Island of Doom with a hidden agenda of her own. The last one is the short but skillful Explorer. He’s an experienced pathfinder who is eager to go on a new adventure.

Once you enter a dungeon, you’ll be taking on tile-based combat in which you’ll use the cards from your deck to unleash combos to destroy enemies. While diving deeper and deeper into a dungeon will allow you to collect more loot and obtain more cards for your deck, you’ll need to pay attention to the current scenario you’re facing to decide if it’s time to escape to the Adventurer’s Town. Why? Because if you’re defeated, you’ll lose all of your loot and will have to start all over!

Dungeon Drafters Review - 1

You’ll control your character with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as it moves through each area. If you press a direction that matches the location of an enemy, you will perform a melee attack. This can also be used to destroy obstacles. When in combat, during your turn, you’ll be able to move, perform a melee attack, cast a card, or decide to end your turn.


To cast a card, press the X button, choose the card you want to bring into play, and confirm your action. These actions will consume Action Points (AP), which is how the game balances things. Cards will be drawn from your library and placed into your hand so that you can play them. Please pay attention to the hand you’ve been dealt since you’ll have to make the most of it in each battle, always thinking two steps ahead of your opponents.

What types of cards will you be using? There are hundreds of cards you can add to your collection, so talking about all of them would require me to write a Dungeon Drafters guide. But let’s talk about some of the cards that the Mage will begin her journey with. Flamening will inflict 1 point of damage to close units. Bloosnot will fire a shot that inflicts wound 2. Copycat can be used to copy all library cards that were already used during that turn. A powerful one is Flexible Jolt, which will either inflict 3 points of damage to one target or 1 point of damage to all units in an area.

Dungeon Drafters Review - 2

With the resources that you collect during each of your runs, you can obtain more cards at the card shop. The card is that they can only print cards that you’ve already obtained and held in your collection. This is good for carefully curating your loadout so that you can favor this or that card for potential decks. Another option is to get your hands on some booster packs. Booster packs will contain random cards, and you won’t know what you’ll get until you open them. Once you open up a booster pack or two, be sure to add the cards you need to your library!


During your time with Dungeon Defenders, you can try to add a new Platinum trophy to your collection. And since this one is a Cross-Buy title, if you own a PlayStation. 5 console, you’ll be able to download the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game, and each one will have its separate trophy list. Each list will have 26 Bronze trophies, 9 Silver trophies, and 4 Gold trophies. Some of the objectives to complete include surviving the tutorial, becoming a disciple of the four Archetypes and mastering their challenges, telling all of your tales to the innkeeper, completing the card encyclopedia, obtaining all curios, or obtaining a foil card from a booster pack.

Dungeon Drafters Review - 3

Dungeon Drafters is a roguelite dungeon crawler with deck-building. After someone releases the false Archetype The Stranger into the world, it’s up to a small group of heroes to vanquish this evil entity before it’s too late. As you build up your deck by adding more cards from the shop and finding rares and foils from booster packs, you’ll move closer and closer to your goal. Dungeon Drafters is available as a Cross-But title, so your $24.99 purchase will allow you to download both the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game at no extra cost.

This Dungeon Drafters review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by DANGEN Entertainment.

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A solid roguelite dungeon crawlerr with deck-building