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[Nintendo Switch] Hex Gambit: Respawned Review

[Nintendo Switch] Hex Gambit: Respawned Review
  • On March 21, 2024

Hex Gambit: Respawn from Blowfish Studios and One Man Left Studios is a quirky but fun turn-based strategy game on Switch. Learn more in our Hex Gambit: Respawned review!


Hex Gambit: Respawn from Blowfish Studios and One Man Left Studios is a quirky but fun turn-based strategy game on Nintendo Switch. You can play this one either in single-player Challenge Mode or dive into local or online multiplayer battles. To unlock additional in-game content for you to enjoy, you’ll need to collect Medallions. These are obtained by playing through the campaign and completing challenges, as well as by playing a friendly multiplayer match or a quick match online. The more medallions you get, the more Captains and multiplayer maps you’ll have access to.

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Once you get started and are ready for battle, you will be moving a cursor over the battlefield with the left analog stick as you rotate your view with the left analog stick or the L and R buttons so that you can better plan your strategy. You can activate a minion and select its target by pressing the A button, and you can confirm it by hitting it again. The different actions for your minions can be chosen by using the ZL and ZR buttons.


For each turn, you will receive 3 Action Points (AP). You can use action points to move your minions, use attacks, or spawn more minions to put into play. Your goal is to obtain 10 Victory Points (VP) before your opponents. You can obtain VP either by defeating enemies or by instructing your minions to use their Pillar Tap action. With each turn, a minion can move once and use one action. To balance things out, actions will have a cooldown that will begin once a minion spawns. You can also win by defeating all enemy minions.

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Your group will have a powerful Captain to lead all efforts. There are 10 different Captains to choose from, each with a different special ability. When you see your Captain’s pillar glowing, activate it to unleash your Captain’s Gambit. Since it’s a powerful skill, you can only use it a limited number of times during a match. The more you use it, the more turns will need to pass before you can use it again.


What are the special abilities triggered by activating each Captain’s Gambit? Some examples include Abbacus’ Hard Reset, which will restore any minion to its just-spawn state. You could also go for Penny Miser, who has Take a Penny as her Captain’s Gambit, a powerful special skill that will deal 1 point of damage to all enemy minions. There’s also Salvador, who can activate Protect, which will make a friendly minion invincible until your next turn.

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Since your minions can only move a set number of spaces each turn, you must make the most of their AP. This is why it’s important to remember that you can bounce over each other to increase their movement range. You can bounce off multiple minions during your turn, which will still count as a single move. Just be sure also to remember that your opponents can do this as well!


Hex Gambit: Respawn is a quirky but fun turn-based strategy game on Switch. As you select from 10 different Captains, you’ll command your minions in the single-player or in local or online multiplayer battles as you try to get as many Victory Points as possible so that you can win the match. Do you have what it takes to climb to the top? Hex Gambit: Respawn is out on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 price tag.

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This Hex Gambit: Respawn review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Blowfish Studios.

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A quirky but fun turn-based strategy game