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[Nintendo Switch] Crypt Stalker Review

[Nintendo Switch] Crypt Stalker Review
  • On April 2, 2024

Crypt Stalker from Reddeergames and Sinclar Stange is a retro-styled 2D action game on Nintendo Switch. Find out more in our Crypt Stalker review!


Crypt Stalker from Reddeergames and Sinclar Stange is a retro-styled 2D action game on Nintendo Switch. You’ll take on the role of Gladys, one of the descendants of the world’s defenders. Your task is to defeat the Saio demons before it’s too late. It’s a game that has clearly been inspired by the classic games in the beloved Castlevania series from way back in the day.

Crypt Stalker Review - 1

You can play this one either as an adventure that looks like it was originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System – a.k.a. the NES – or you can play it as a handheld quest that greatly resembles the releases from the Game Boy era. If you decide to play the console version – that would be one that resembles a classic NES release – you’ll be able to choose from the original difficulty setting, a more casual journey, and what the game calls the “Lost Sequel.” That one gives us a game within a game since it’s presented as a sequel to Crypt Stalker with six new levels to enjoy.


Along with that, there’s also the Challenges Mode, where you can try to take on the game while taking into consideration some heavy restrictions. You might need to complete the game while only using the gun since, you know, you, unfortunately, left your whip at home. Another option would be to complete the game by using a limited number of jumps, which is certainly tricky for a game of this nature! And what if you had to finish the game without using any weapons at all?

Crypt Stalker Review - Portable

Once you start, you’ll control Gladys with the left analog stick or the D-Pad. You can jump with the B button and attack with the A button. Your main weapon will default to the whip, but you can switch to your gun – or back to the whip – by pressing the X button. Do know that the gun has limited ammo, so you’ll need to collect more ammo to be able to make the most of it. You will also get new ammo types for your gun that will change what it fires, so you might have a huge laser or exploding rounds to use. Your whip can also be upgraded into a fire whip to deal more damage.


Crypt Stalker Review - Boss

Crypt Stalker is a retro-styled 2D arcade game that pays homage to the classic Castlevania series from the Nintendo Entertainment System era. It features a quest with eight levels to complete, a second quest with an additional six levels to work your way through, and even a handheld-style take on the game feels like a Game Boy release. Crypt Stalker is out on Nintendo Switch with a $6.99 price tag.

This Crypt Stalker review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Reddeergames.

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Retro-styled 2D action game that pays homage to the Castlevania series