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[PlayStation 4] Ruff Ghanor Review

[PlayStation 4] Ruff Ghanor Review
  • On April 19, 2024

Roguelike deck-builder Ruff Ghanor from DX Gameworks, Jovem Nerd, Nonsense, and Magalu Games is ready to go on PlayStation 4. Check out our Ruff Ghanor review!


Roguelike deck-builder Ruff Ghanor from DX Gameworks and Jovem Nerd are ready to go on PlayStation 4. It’s a new adventure in which you’ll take on the role of the titular character, who was found by monks in a cave many years ago. Ruff Ghanor was fighting against three large beasts. He struck the ground, and the monsters were swallowed whole. The monks from San Arnoldo Monastery trained the boy so that he could harness his power and be ready to face off against the evil Red Dragon Zamir and those under its command.

As each round begins, you’ll be granted 3 action points (AP) and will draw 5 cards to your hand. You can play cards from your hand depending on their cost, which is shown in the upper left corner of each card. You will have access to attack cards, which have a red icon for their AP cost and are used to damage enemies. There are also control cards, which have a yellow icon for their AP cost and can boost defense for Rudd and his allies or alter your enemies’ status. You will also have prayer cards, which have a yellow icon for their AP cost and can be used to restore life, deal magic damage, and generate Faith. Sometimes, you’ll have allies by your side. Each ally will get its own AP and deck to use. You can also use Miracles, powerful skills that will require Faith to be cast.

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Above Ruff Ghanor, you will notice a green bar. This is his health bar. If it is depleted, then your run will end, and you will need to start over from the beginning. Allies will also have a health bar, and so will your enemies. Deplete your enemies’ health bars to win. If you want to have an easier time, you’ll need to pay attention to each enemy’s intent. This icon is displayed over an enemy, which will let you know what its next action will be. That way, you can prepare accordingly as you play hands from your hand and pull more cards from your deck.


By using cards to deal a status effect, you or your enemies can gain an advantage. Take, for example, the bleeding status effect. This is a very dangerous one since it will deal 3 points of damage at the end of the turn. It can be removed by healing, which is a good idea since you can certainly bleed to death! Another status effect is Burn, which will deal 2 damage to its target at the start of a turn, which will lower the burn count by 1. But not all status effects are bad. If you have Regeneration, then you will heal some HP at the start of your turn.

When you win a battle, you’ll be rewarded with some Arcanium. You’ll also get to receive a new card for your deck. Completing battles will also increase the progress bar so that you can eventually move forward and face stronger enemies. There are also narrative encounters during which you can learn more about Ruff Gahnor and other characters in this universe. You will also have to complete exploration encounters, during which you can take some risks with your deck and win great rewards…. as long as luck is on your side!

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If that’s not the case, then you’ll be accumulating some curses, which are bad news for your deck and your adventure. Any choice that you make will lead to a test during which cards are drawn from your deck, and you will need to meet certain requirements. Who knows, you might end up collecting a relic or two along the way! You could, for example, find a Saint’s Amulet, a relic that will grant you 1 Faith at the start of each turn.


By using the Arcanium you’ve collected, you’ll be able to improve your deck. You can select to upgrade a card to enhance its effects or maybe add new ones. You could also pay a lot of Arcanium to duplicate a card already in your deck so that you can have an exact copy of it added to your arsenal. The last option is to pay Arcanium to remove a card from your deck. Why would you do that? Although having more cards in your deck can mean that you could have a larger variety of cards to play, having a smaller deck means that you’d be able to play some cards a bit more often. There are also cards that are bad for you, which you’ll definitely want to remove from your deck as soon as possible.

You can also spend Arcanium to purchase new cards at Hell’s Forge to add to your deck. You’ll first need to have the card in your deck during a run before its template shows up in the Hell’s Forge. This is why you won’t have a chance to beat Ruff Ghanor during your first handful of runs because the game is balanced to teach you new elements as you progress further and further, unlocking new cards as you go so that you can learn what they do and then unlock them at Hell’s Forge for subsequent runs so that you can slowly but surely find a strategy that can bring you closer and closer to completing all acts.

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Trophy-wise, this PlayStation 4 release has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy for you. The trophy list is split into 3 Bronze trophies, 8 Silver trophies, and 8 Gold trophies. What are some of the objectives you’ll need to complete for that Platinum? You’ll need to heal 1,000 HP, deal a total of 1,000 damage, completely unlock everything at Hell’s Forge, defeat 3 enemies at the same time with a Miracle, complete a combat encounter in a single turn, defeat 10 spiders with fire, complete the intro and each of the game’s 3 acts, and use the Hammer Bash card on a Red Eye Fury 30 times.

Ruff Ghanor is a roguelike deck-builder in which you’ll take on the role of the titular character, who was trained by monks from San Arnoldo Monastery to unleash his potential. Will you be able to defeat the evil Red Dragon Zamir and its underlings with the power of your deck of cards? Ruff Ghanor is available on PlayStation 4 with a $28.49 price tag. Yes, that’s definitely its price.

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This Ruff Ghanor review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by DX Gameworks.

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Fun narrative-based fantasy themed roguelike deck-builder on PS4