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[PlayStation 5] In Celebration of Violence Review

[PlayStation 5] In Celebration of Violence Review
  • On April 23, 2024

In Celebration of Violence from Dolores Entertainment and Julian Edison is a fantasy roguelike action game on PS5. Check out our In Celebration of Violence review!


In Celebration of Violence from Dolores Entertainment and Julian Edison is a fantasy roguelike action game on PlayStation 5. It’s a challenging quest in which you’ll be creating many characters since you definitely won’t be able to complete a full run in a single go. Death is very much part of the gameplay loop as you learn the basics, get to better understand the movement and attack patterns of the enemies and bosses you’ll have to fight, all while exploring a large procedurally generated world where things are not as they seem.

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The first step will be to create your minimalist character by choosing its skin, clothes, and hair color so that you can try to make each of your many, many characters a bit different. There are some additional things you can do during this phase, but you won’t be able to dive into them until you manage to get better and can start to actually progress further and further in this endeavor.


As you obtain experience points, you can level up as you improve your character’s stat values. Said stats are Dexterity, Aggression, Strength, Speed, Mobility, Perception, Health, Stamina, Fortitude, and Knowledge. Dexterity will improve your weapon’s speed. Aggression will increase your weapon’s damage. Strength dictates the power of your weapon. Speed will affect your character’s speed. Perception increases sight distance and piety. Health can boost your hit points. Stamina will increase stamina points. Fortitude can increase surge effectiveness and resistance. As for Knowledge, it will increase magic effectiveness and recharge speed.

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Once you start, you’ll control your character with the left analog stick and aim your weapon with the right one. You can sprint with the X button. Your primary attack will be mapped to the L2 button, and your secondary attack to the R2 button. The L1 button can be pressed for a quick dodge to avoid most attacks. The R1 button is used to parry attacks. Pressing up on the D-Pad will allow you to change your weapon. Press down to activate the surge. The Square button is for spells. The Circle button is for interacting, and the Triangle button is for potions.


Something interesting is that, as you play this one over multiple runs, you’ll start to notice that different elements will interact with each other in a way that reminded me of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild… but, you know, at a more indie level. For example, fire will propagate as it burns down wooden structures or grass, which you can use to, say, burn down a group of enemies to a crisp by setting their small base on fire and making sure they can’t escape so easily. Launch an electric attack, and you’ll notice it will act wildly when near water. You might even run into rain or snow depending on how the climate of an area interacts with changes in the atmosphere.

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There’s also a peculiar faith-based underlying system that comes into play the longer you, well, play the game. As you explore each location, you’ll run into shrines erected to the ancient Gods of the world of In Celebration of Violence. If you decide to pray at a shrine, you might receive that God’s favor or be rewarded with a powerful item to aid you on your quest. Do know that some Gods are not particularly thrilled about you pledging allegiance to someone who is technically their rival. On top of that, each God will frown upon some of the actions you decide to take. Hint: Killing innocent civilians is probably a big no-no.


And now, it’s trophy hunting time! The game features a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy waiting for you. Just know that, due to this game’s nature, it will not be an easy or short trophy run for you to take on. The list is split into 44 Bronze trophies, a single Silver trophy, and 3 Gold trophies for you to work on. It’s a long one with many things to do over dozens of hours. Some of the objectives include filling up your inventory, bleeding to death, defeating a boar as it readies to charge, having 500 unspent crystals during a run, making 50 ingots using a forge, blocking a ton of attacks, reaching max favor with a god, or killing 5 civilians.

In Celebration of Violencr is a fantasy roguelike action game. It’s a challenging one that will test your skills every step of the way, as you try to make the most of what you learn through trial and error, use the weapons at your disposal, parry and counter your way to victory. You’ll need to earn the favor of one of the Gods to try and make it to the end of this quest as you slaughter all enemies, creatures, and bosses along the way. In Celebration of Violence is available on PlayStation 5 with a $12.99 price tag.

This In Celebration of Violence review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Dolores Entertainment.

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