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[PlayStation 5] Ready, Steady, Build! Review

[PlayStation 5] Ready, Steady, Build! Review

Ready, Steady, Build! from Untold Tales and Jollybits Games is an arcade party game in which you will have to get together to repair every shipping facility in the world to ensure packages get to their destination. Check our Ready, Steady, Build! review!


Keep the line moving! Chaotically assemble the most efficient conveyor belts to keep the goods flowing out of the factory! Use various tools and equipment to overcome the ever-increasing challenges and goods the factory throws at you. Best played in 2-player couch coop but also supports single-player.

In Ready, Steady, Build! from Untold Tales and Jollybits Games is an arcade party game in which you will have to get together to repair every shipping facility in the world to ensure packages get to their destination. You can work on this either on your own or in local multiplayer. It’s a fast-paced and hectic experience on PlayStation 5 that will feel familiar at times.


In this game, you’ll be busy fixing the delivery lines by installing the missing conveyor parts that usually lie close in each single-screen level. As the level progresses, you’ll have more complex delivery lines to fix and will also need to pay attention since colored packages will need to go into the same color-coded truck. As you can imagine, most levels are hectic, but not as much as in the Overcooked! franchise, where things can quickly get out of hand.

Ready, Steady, Build! PS5 Review

The level design is fine, and there’s some variety here and there as your objectives for each level change. For example, you’ll eventually get control of a lift that brings new gameplay mechanics and challenges. Unfortunately, the experience doesn’t stay fresh for long, and you’ll feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again. If you take, for example, the Overcooked! franchise, the first few levels are vastly different. This is something that Ready, Steady, Ship! could have considered.


There’s one area where this game didn’t shine, and it is with his controls. They are approximative and floaty, which made it hard to do simple tasks like throwing boxes to their designed place in the conveyor belt – something that is the core of the gameplay. The physics engine will also sometimes be against you. If you throw a box from too far away, its momentum will prevent it from reaching its destination and eventually just roll farther than what you aimed for. This definitely gets in the way and breaks the game’s flow.

Ready, Steady, Build! Review

I’ve also encountered an issue during which the game thought a box was on the floor, but it was actually stuck on my hand, meaning I couldn’t drop it nor carry another box, which led to restarting the level. Another issue I had was when I had to stop the conveyor belt either for maintenance on some parts or to change the direction of a piece to send colored boxes in another direction. The game was stuck thinking the conveyor was stopped when, in fact, it was still powered on, which caused me to fail the level as I could not stop it. I have nothing against restarting a level when I mess up, but having to restart a level because of bugs left me with mixed feelings about the whole experience.


As for the trophies, this one has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy for you to take on. The list has 11 Bronze trophies, 9 Silver trophies, and 6 Gold trophies in total. The things you’ll have to do to get these trophies include completing all levels in each of the different areas, getting three stars in all stages, throwing 200 boxes, smashing 200 boxes, catching a box while it’s in mid-air, picking up another player with a forklift, and drinking at least one cup of coffee in each level.

Ready, Steady, Build! PlayStation Review

Ready, Steady, Build! is a fun solo or local multiplayer game where you must deliver packages to different loading trucks. I had fun initially but eventually thought that the level design could have benefited from more variation, like how the Overcooked! franchise handled its level design. I also met some level-breaking bugs that required restarting levels, so I wondered if this game could have benefited from more QA rounds. Ready, Steady, Ship! is out on PlayStation 4 with a $14.99 price.

This Ready, Steady, Build! review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by Untold Tales.

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A fine party game in a packed genre