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[PlayStation 5] Master Maker 3D Ultimate Review

[PlayStation 5] Master Maker 3D Ultimate Review

Master Maker 3D Ultimate from eastasiasoft and Derik D.F is a simple 3D platformer in which you take control of a Roblox-like character on its quest to… do something. Maybe. Check our Master Maker 3D Ultimate review!


Play as Master Maker, a young builder who possesses a special boomerang hammer capable of collecting items, destroying boxes and defeating enemies from a distance! In this 3D adventure inspired by classics of the ’90s, you can explore and build freely. Adventure mode features 50 colorful levels to inspire your constructions. Just move Master Maker from the starting point to the flag at the end of the stage by jumping across platforms, knocking out enemies and avoiding traps! Then Level Creator lets you build original stages however you like by adding blocks, coins, spikes, cannons, trees, decorations, ramps and much more!

Master Maker 3D Ultimate from eastasiasoft and Derik D.F is a simple 3D platformer in which you are taking control of a Roblox-like character on its quest to… I don’t know since there’s no backstory at all in this game. So, our character goes through different 3D levels with his trusty boomerang hammer.


The gameplay is as simple as it gets: you’ll move through different 3D levels with simple designs with the same obstacles and enemies. There are a few different landscape types, but the actual levels are very similar to one another. The level design is fine, but it eventually felt repetitive.

Master Maker 3D Ultimate PS4 Review

I had some issues with the camera that required some adaptation to control it correctly. It’s so awkward that even jumping on an enemy to get rid of it is a challenge in itself, as you’ll have to aim at the enemy using your shadow, which was unimpressive, to say the least. Luckily, when you have your boomerang, hitting enemies feels more natural.


I should also mention that there’s no music on the main menu, which felt odd, and the music variety in this title is limited to a few different themes. When the game is paused, the main character whines about you being unavailable – “pleeeease come back here, don’t leave me” – which was relatively annoying because when I have to pause a game, it’s because the real world needs my attention.

Master Maker 3D Ultimate PlayStation Review


If you’re a trophy hunter, then this otherwise generic game could be of interest as you can obtain a new Platinum trophy within 10 minutes of booting the game, and since the game is Cross-Buy with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions, then you could add two new Platinum trophies. All you have to do is complete the first few levels to obtain all the “defeat 5” of each enemy type, then try the level editor for the missing trophies. You can refer to this Master Maker 3D Ultimate Trophy Guide if you’re looking for the quickest route towards your new Platinum trophies.

Master Maker 3D Ultimate PS5 Review

Master Maker 3D Ultimate is a simple and generic adventure game that will most likely be of interest to trophy hunters with its Cross-Buy Platinum trophies that are quite easy to get. I did like exploring the different levels at first, but they began to feel repetitive after a bit. The camera could have used a little more work to be more intuitive. The asking price of $4.99 for this game is also fair for the experience.

This Master Maker 3D Ultimate review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by eastasiasoft.

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Generic 3D game with an easy Platinum trophy