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[Nintendo Switch] Corn Kidz 64 Review

[Nintendo Switch] Corn Kidz 64 Review
  • On May 8, 2024

Corn Kidz 64 from Diplodocus Games and BogoSoft is a new 3D platformer that pays homage to the classics of the N64 era. Check our Corn Kidz 64 review!


Corn Kidz 64 from Diplodocus Games and BogoSoft is a new 3D platformer that pays homage to the classics of the Nintendo 64 era. You’ll be taking on the role of Seve, a young goat who seems to be stuck in his dreams. It’s a game that will bring back memory games from back in the day thanks to its familiar gameplay mechanics and low-poly presentation that will, at times, bring you back to a long-gone era.

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Once you start to play, you’ll control Seve with the left analog stick and move the camera around with the right one. The A button can be pressed to zoom in and out as needed. You can center the camera behind you by pressing the R button. The ZR button will allow you to get a better look at things. The B button is for jumping. If you press the ZL and then the B button, Sven will perform a high jump. He can also run up walls for a little bit.


You can attack with the Y button. The ZL button will make Sven duck. Jumping and pressing the Y button will cause Sven to perform a headbutt attack. By jumping and pressing the ZL button, Sven will headbutt the ground. This one can be used to press switches. If you’re low on health, drink some soda. You’ll also get to swim around in the water as long as you have enough oxygen left. Do know that controls will be reversed while you’re underwater.

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As you explore each area, you’ll start to collect special cubes. These will act as experience points that will allow Seve to level up. This is needed to access doors that are set at a specific level. Think of this as collecting stars in Super Mario 64 so that you can up the doors that lead to a new area. You won’t be able to see everything the game has to offer right from the start, so be sure to, for example, revisit the starting tutorial level once you collect enough experience to level up to level 3 so that you can open a special door.


You can customize the game to tailor your experience. There’s an option to activate or deactivate rumble feedback, as well as turn the widescreen on or off for the game’s presentation. You can inver the camera and even apply antialiasing to the whole thing. There are different filters to apply to the game’s look, starting at 240p and going up to 1080p, with some variations along the way. There are some options with some heavy scan lines for that old-school look.

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Corn Kidz 64 is a new 3D platformer that, as its name suggests, pays homage to the classics of the N64 era. As a goat named Seve, you’ll have to explore a bizarre world set in his dreams where weirdness lurks around every corner. As you collect experience cubes, you’ll eventually level up in order to open up doors to new areas, kinda like how collecting stars worked in Super Mario 64. Corn Kidz 64 is out on Nintendo Switch with a $6.99 price tag.

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This Corn KidZ 64 review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Diplodocus Games.

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A fun homage to classic 3D platformers of the N64 era