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[Nintendo Switch] No Umbrellas Allowed Review

[Nintendo Switch] No Umbrellas Allowed Review
  • On May 15, 2024

No Umbrellas Allowed from Digerati and Hoochoo Game Studios is a peculiar dystopian second-hand shop sim experience on Switch. Learn more in our No Umbrellas Allowed review!


No Umbrellas Allowed from Digerati and Hoochoo Game Studios is a peculiar dystopian second-hand shop sim experience on Switch. It’s a story-driven game in which you’ll be playing as Bob as you try to work as an expert appraiser to establish the true value of the items that pop up at Darcy’s, located between Scented and Gem, and above JunkJunk, Hidden, and 1st Repair. Oh, and you’re not really Bob. Darcy found you on the beach after you passed out and told others you were his son, Bob. With no recollection of your past, you’re now stuck in this new life.

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Your journey begins in 2080 in Ajik City. After a massive explosion at the Citizens Alliance Research Institute in Central Bunker District, most of the artificial rain tech files and Fixer manufacturing facilities are no more. Because of this, the government and the Association of Victims of Avarice Crimes have announced that, in order to resume the Fixer Project, at least 8 more weeks will be needed. That means it will be months before Ajik City can get the Fixer rain it so desperately needs.


Your task is simple: review items and establish a value for them so that you can buy them for the shop and sell them to other people. You can refuse to buy something for the shop, and this will change how the story develops. Pay attention to each object as you search for the info needed to see if an item is worth your time and money or if the person trying to sell the item is lying and trying to send you a shiny but worthless piece of junk.

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This is done with a card system that Darcy teaches you soon after you go to the shop by riding a comically large elevator and then a tiny, tiny elevator. Customers will introduce their items by using cards. Gray cards offer basic information, which allows you to arrive at a base price. Green cards provide objective information. Blue cards show evaluations, such as damage or the potential rarity of an item. By inserting a card into the card slot and combining them, you can obtain a price allowing you to bargain for the item.


Since you need to pay good prices for the items so that you can have some returning customers but also pay an amount that allows you to have a decent profit, you might want to start by offering, say, 70% of the guideline price. You can place an offer for an item and see how things go. The customer can then decide to take your offer or counter with a different amount. You can either come to an agreement or refuse and move on.

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All of the items that you do end up purchasing will be added to the inventory. Since others can’t take a look at your inventory, you’re going to have to place items in the showcase to be able to sell them. Select an item from your inventory, and choose the slot in which you’ll place it. Use the calculator to set its selling point and then click on offer. Any items that sell will be marked as sold, and you’ll need to clear their space so that you can put a new one there. Rinse and repeat as needed.


There are other things to do when you’re not managing the shop. Exploring Ajik City is also important as you learn more about the No Umbrellas Allowed world from the conversations between the city’s inhabitants – presented as shadowy entities – and your interactions with the people at the stores around Darcy’s. It’s a colorful cast of characters that stands out in this dark future.

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And now, it’s time to complain about something that is more and more common these days: small text. As has usually been the case for many, many games making the jump from PC to consoles this generation, the text and user interface (UI) for No Umbrellas Allowed are tiny. It’s pretty much unreadable when not playing Docked, and it’s still very small when playing in Docked Mode. No. There’s no setting available to change this, so hopefully, it’s something that the team can patch.


No Umbrellas Allowed is a peculiar dystopian second-hand shop sim experience on Switch. As an amnesiac who has been rebranded as Bob, you’ll be taking care of a shop where it’s your job to ensure that every item presented to you is given its proper value. Pay attention to what you’re told and carefully examine each item so that you can find any hidden elements that could considerably increase – or lower- its value, all while you learn more about Ajik City and its inhabitants. You’ll be working your way toward one of the 16 different endings on offer, so there’s plenty for you to do. Do know that the game’s text makes this one pretty much unplayable if you’re not in Docked Mode. No Umbrellas Allowed is out on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 price tag.

This No Umbrellas Allowed review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Digerati.

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Peculiar dystopian second-hand shop sim experience that is almost unplayable in Portable Mode