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[PlayStation 5] Gordian Quest Review

[PlayStation 5] Gordian Quest Review
  • On May 27, 2024

Roguelite deckbuilder RPG Gordian Quest from Mixed Realms and Maximum Entertainment is ready for you on PlayStation 5. Check out our Gordian Quest review!


Roguelite deckbuilder RPG Gordian Quest from Mixed Realms and Maximum Entertainment is ready for you on PlayStation 5. After a stint on Nintendo Switch, this fun experience has finally made the jump to PlayStation consoles. One can never have too many roguelite deckbuilders in our collection, and Gordian Quest is one you should definitely consider for a spot in the rotation. Your quest will have you taking on an adventure in Wrendia, which has unfortunately fallen into the ways of the darkness. By taking on procedurally generated challenges, your group of heroes must do whatever it takes to vanquish evil before it’s too late.

The game can be played either in Campaign Mode or Realm Mode. When playing Campaign Mode, you’ll have to take on the different Acts of the story, a journey that offers a long-form experience that can take roughly 15-30 hours to complete based on your experience with roguelite games. Realm Mode offers a more traditional deckbuilding experience in which you’ll go on a quick run or an endless run as you try to survive against increasingly unfavorable odds. Play your cards right – quite literally – and you might be able to complete a quick run in a couple of hours or so. Playing through Campaign Mode is advised since you’ll get to learn the game’s basics at a steady pace.

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Along with the aforementioned Campaign Mode, another element that sets this one apart from other roguelite deckbuilders is that you’ll be selecting a group of three heroes, each one with a different class, which is to be considered along with each character’s stat values for Hit Points, Initiative, Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. The characters you can choose from are Lucius the Swordhand, Ida the Druid, Catherin the Cleric, Naran the Bard, Bertran the Ranger, Kudo the Warlock, Alphonse the Scroundrel, Jendaya the Golemancer, Pierre the Spellbinder, and Stroud the Monk. For Campaign Mode, you’ll get to select a starting hero and will recruit more heroes as you progress further in the story. Each hero will have a different complexity rating that will give you a heads-up on which one might be a good starting option.


You can equip Artifacts to aid you on your adventure. You start with one available slot for an Artifact. Those that you don’t pick will spawn during your run as Unstable Artifacts, which will have an activation effect and not a passive bonus. You can unlock additional Artifact slots by spending some of the Renown you collect as you complete Acts or runs in Realm Mode. Choosing a difficulty is also important since it will determine how much of a challenge you’ll be going up against. The options are Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare, and Torment.

If you select the Easy difficulty, then enemies will deal less damage and will have less health, and there will also be a 25% chance for Elite enemies to have special traits. By bumping it up to Normal, you’ll take on the standard difficulty, balanced for an experience that won’t feel overwhelming. There will also be a 50% chance for Elite enemies to have a special trait. Playing on the Hard difficulty setting means enemies will be much stronger, and there will be a 75% chance for Elite enemies to have special traits.

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If you go into Nightmare, then enemies will pack a punch and will have access to stronger abilities. Elite enemies will also have a special trait. Torment, as its name suggests, will test you every step of the way, with enemies, Elite enemies, and bosses that can and will destroy you if you so much as make a mistake. To make up for all of this, there will be a 5%, 10%, and 15% increased item rarity when playing in Hard, Nightmare, or Torment, respectively. And the higher the difficulty you choose, the more Renown you’ll be able to earn.


On top of all that, you can decide to play through Gordian Quest in Standard Mode, Roguelite Mode, or Roguelike Mode. If playing in Standard Mode, you’ll be able to revive in town when defeated in battle. If you decide to play in Roguelite Mode, then once your entire party is defeated, your run will end. The last option is Roguelike Mode, which will test your skills every step of the way. Heroes can’t be resurrected at the Sanctuary, which means that as your heroes fall, your odds of success will start to plummet.

There’s also an extra element to consider that will impact how challenging everything will be. You can decide to play either in Standard Mode, Roguelite Mode, or Roguelike Mode. Standard Mode is the least challenging of the bunch since when your heroes are defeated, you’ll be able to revive them in town. The next step is Roguelite Mode, in which if your party is defeated in combat, then that’s game over. The last option is Roguelike Mode. For this one, you won’t be able to resurrect your heroes. This means that any heroes you lose will lower your odds of survival.

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If you’re new to deckbuilders, you should know that each of your heroes will have Action Points (AP) for each turn of a battle. These can be spent to move a character between open spots or to select cards from your hand and play them. The cards are for Skills that can either deal damage to an enemy, add some Guard to your heroes and allies, deal a status effect on an enemy, apply a buff to one of your heroes, or, sometimes, almost all of the above in one go. You must pay attention to the Initiative of each of your enemies and for your heroes since this will dictate which units will act in which order.

Trophy-wise, this one has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy. It won’t be an easy or short trophy run since you’ll have to finish Campaign Mode and spend a lot of time in Realm Mode. The list is split into 47 Bronze trophies, 8 Silver trophies, and a single Gold trophy for you to work on. This means there are dozens of objectives to complete, so you’re certainly in for a long journey. Along with completing the different Acts in Campaign Mode, you’ll need to work on character-specific trophies, such as applying 100 or more Guard in a single turn with Naran or healing 250 HP in a single battle with Catherin. You’ll also need to reach Realm 5 in Reall Mode with each character while playing in the Nightmare difficulty setting.


By visiting the Codex section, you’ll be able to review valuable information about the different skills, items, and artifacts you can find during your time with Gordian Quest. You can check out skill cards such as Back Kick, which applies 4 Vulnerable while shifting its target, or Duel, a card that will reward you with 4 Guard, as well as an extra 5 Guard if there is only a single enemy in the lane. You can take a look at cards for all heroes or review them based on which character can use them – Bard, Cleric, Druid, Golemancer, Monk, Ranger, Scroundel, Spellbinder, Swordhand, or Warlock.

Items include Iron Cuitass, a medium armor type that grants 2 Armor as well as 2 Vigil, or the Jade Amulet, which grants an extra point of Dexterity. There are a ton of different items for you to find, split into headgear, body armor, gloves, boots, weapons, offhand items, amulets, rings, belts, runes, consumables, currency items, and crafting materials. As for Articafts, they include powerful objects to aid you on your quest. You can find the Bag of Holding, which will increase the max supply capacity by 2. Locate the Horn of Valor, and all heroes will gain an extra point of Strength.

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Roguelite deckbuilder RPG Gordian Quest is a solid deckbuilder that you should definitely check out on PlayStation 5. As the heroes of Wrendia, you must give it your all in order to vanquish all evil before it’s too late. As you select a group of three heroes, you’ll need to make the most of their skills and try to overcome their weaknesses as you play card after card from your hand. Gordian Quest is available as a Cross-Buy title, so your $19.99 purchase will allow you to download both the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game at no extra cost.

This Gordian Quest review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Maximum Entertainment.

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