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[PlayStation 5] Imagine Earth Review

[PlayStation 5] Imagine Earth Review
  • On May 28, 2024

Imagine Earth from Serious Bros is a real-time planet simulation and a build up strategy game on PlayStation 5. Learn more in our Imagine Earth review!


Imagine Earth from Serious Bros is a real-time planet simulation and a build up strategy game on PlayStation 5. Your job as a space colony manager will be to establish viable colonies on a global scale. You will need to balance aiming for your profit goals while also preserving living conditions for people under your care. Keeping emissions and pollution under control will also be important, at least if you want your colony to continue to grow without a catastrophe striking down your efforts.

The game has five different game modes to offer: Campaign, Competition, Endless, Challenge, and Editor. Campaign is the main one, and it will include story-based missions during which you’ll work on colonizing various planets as you work on fighting against enemies, ally yourself with new comrades, and take on the global dangers that come with trying to colonize several planets. Competition has you competing against other companies for the settlement license for an uninhabited planet. To be victorious, you’ll need to be the first one to reach the required number of Victory Points. Endless will ask that you try to keep a civilization growing for as long as possible, as your actions decide the faith of the entire planet!

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Challenge will present you with a weekly challenge that, as expected, will change each week. You’ll be trying to compete against gamers from around the world to get your name in the online leaderboards, which are split into weekly, seasonal, and annual leaderboards. As for the Editor option, it’s basically a God Mode during which you can create your own world and change its geography with terraforming. You can save each of your creations as you hone your skills and get better at building what, in your eyes, could be the perfect planet. Thanks to the ultra-advanced technology of the terraforming machines of the U.S.N., there’s no limit to what you can build.


You can play this one in one of three different difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, and Hard. When playing in Easy, you’ll have high tax revenues, reduced emissions, low-risk potential, and free building relocation. Normal presents you with the standard experience, with, well, normal tax revenue, normal emissions, medium risk potential, and half-costs for building relocation. And then we have the Hard difficulty setting. If you decide to jump into Hard, you’ll have low tax revenues, high emissions, high-risk potential, and will need to cover full costs for building relocation. To make up for how Normal and Hard present you with a more challenging journey, you’ll get a 5% and 10% boost to your score, respectively.

Your application test will take place on Tuto to show that you have what it takes to become an outstanding colony manager. Tuto is one of the smallest planets in the area. Your task will be to build a solid colony of 900,000 inhabitants. This will allow the company to be granted the planet. It’s an important mission since the company urgently needs its yields to remain competitive. You’ll start with a fixed capital on this small Terran-themed planet with a bit of polar ice, some polar ice, small fossil fuel deposits, and many rare resources for you to harvest.

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Once you’re ready to go, you’ll use the right analog stick to rotate the planet as you use the L2 and R2 buttons to zoom in and out as needed. You’ll control a cursor over the planet with the left analog stick as you try to find the best spot to land on so that you can then build the city center. The city center will enable construction in the surrounding area, and it will also offer accommodation for colonists. This is important since colonists will pay taxes, and you need the money to build other facilities and structures to make your colony grow. You can only build within the limits of your colony. Oh, and citizens need food. You know, the usual.


To take care of this, you’ll need to build a farm that can yield food for colonists. Do know that a farm needs energy to function, so you’ll also have to build a power plant! If you want to build a coal power plant, it will need to be built over a coal deposit in order for it to be efficient. Goods will also be needed in order to improve quality of life, so you’ll need to build a stone quarry or a wood factory to procure the resources needed for them. Once that’s been taken care of, you’ll need to focus on expanding your colony with new city districts that can host new colonists as they arrive at their new destination. Do things right,

By visiting the research panel, you’ll be able to manage the different research for upgrades that will help to make a building more efficient or sustainable. Research is a bit time-consuming, so you’ll need to have some patience. There’s also the option of acquiring a research license, which will allow you to unlock upgrades directly without having to spend time with, you know, actual research work. You can buy and sell research licenses for money depending on who you want to progress and how many funds you’re able to allocate to this endeavor. Your options include things such as herbicide resistance to boost the yield through the use of herbicides to which plants are previously made resistant. You can also unlock material recycling so that old construction materials can be recycled… although the process is a bit energy-intensive.

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The game has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy for you to try and add to your collection. And since this release is a Cross-Buy one, if you own a PlayStation 5 console, you’ll be able to download the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, and each one will have its own trophy list for you to work on. Said lists will be split into 3 Bronze trophies, 16 Silver trophies, and 5 Gold trophies. The objectives include successfully completing all objectives in planets Tuto, Joma, Lorian, Rounos, Magni, Bora, Edora, Iquinox, Torix, and Thera, earning 10, 20, 30, and 40 campaign stars, raising a civilization of 10 million, creating your own build in the Editor Mode, planting 20 trees in one planet, or winning a competition with a total of 100 victory points.


Imagine Earth is a real-time planet simulation and a build up strategy game on PlayStation 5. Your job as a space colony manager will be to establish viable colonies on a global scale, all while balancing your profit goals and preserving living conditions for people under your care. It’s a journey that can, at times, feel a bit overwhelming, but you shouldn’t be afraid of giving this one a bit of trial and error as you learn from your mistakes. Imagine Earth is available as a Cross-Buy title, so your $24.99 purchase will allow you to download both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game at no extra cost.

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This Imagine Earth review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Serious Bros.

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