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[PlayStation 5] TEVI Review

[PlayStation 5] TEVI Review
  • On June 6, 2024

TEVI from PM Studios and CreSpirits is a challenging hand-drawn bullet hell Metroidvania on PlayStation 5. Learn more in our TEVI review!


TEVI from PM Studios and CreSpirits is a challenging hand-drawn bullet hell Metroidvania on PlayStation 5. You’ll be playing as the titular Tevi, who will make the most of her dagger and huge wrench. She’s a mechanic, after all! Tevi will be joined by floating orbitars that help to conceal Celia and Sable, who happen to be an angel and a demon! The orbitars will aid Tevi with offensive and support magic. This is how you’ll be able to mix things up and attack enemies from close range as well as from a safe distance as needed.

If when you hear the name CreSpirit, it rings a bell, that’s because you probably heard about or played another game from this particular studio: Rabi-Ribi. That game is available for you to check out on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and TEVI acts as its spiritual successor since Rabi-Ribi also had a bunny-like protagonist as well as a good dose of bullet hell. I got a chance to review Rabi-Ribi on Nintendo Switch back in 2019, so I was definitely interested in seeing what TEVI would be throwing at me.

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You can choose from five different difficulty settings, depending on how challenging you want this adventure to be. Your options are Cakewalk, Picnic, Normal, Hard, and Expert. For Cakewalk, enemy damage will be greatly reduced, as will be the case for bullet density. Your HP will also continually recover when it’s under 50%. Picnic is similar to Cakewalk, but your HP will not recover. Normal offers the standard experience, and it’s the one recommended for most gamers. Hard will boost enemy damage and bullet density. As for Expert, enemy health is greatly increased, as is bullet density.


Once you jump into the action, you’ll control Tevi with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, jumping with the X button and attacking with the Square button. Ranged attacks will be mapped to the Triangle button. While ranged attacks are a bit safer to use, melee attacks have a better chance of stunning an enemy, which makes an enemy unable to counterattack. You can switch between orbitars by using the L1 and R1 buttons. By jumping and pressing down on the left analog stick or the D-Pad and the X button, you can perform a quickdrop. This can be used to destroy some platforms, evade aerial attacks, and gain a small window of immunity to contact damage.

If you want to survive, you’ll need to pay close attention to the movement and attack patterns of each of the different bosses that you’ll be fighting against. While this is true of all bosses in a Metroidvania game, it’s twice as important for TEVI due to its bullet hell nature. Make a mistake or two, and you could be in a world of trouble! You’ll end up treating each boss battle as a strategy action puzzle segment of sorts. Bosses will be split into phases, so you’ll have to be ready to spot the changes in their actions so that you can find the right window to attack.

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To aid you on this adventure, you’ll be able to search for and obtain more than 300 items and pieces of equipment. These include Sigils that you can equip to change things around. Equip the Paladin Sigil and all damage taken will be reduced by 2. Equip the Biscuit Delivery Sigil, and when you enter a city or town, a Pocket Biscuit will be added to your inventory as long as you have space in your inventory and don’t already have a Pocket Biscuit on you. Another option is Knives Out, which will boost damage for basic ground attacks when the target’s HP is above 70%.


You can also collect special potions that will permanently boost Tevi’s stats. You can find potions to increase her HP so that she can withstand more damage or potions to boost her MP so that you can use the orbitars more efficiently. Every now and then, you’ll also collect Zenies, which act as the in-game currency. Unlike the good coins or other currencies you can usually obtain in the many Mettoidvanias you’ve played, Zenies are finite in TEVI, so you’ll need to search high and low for spots where you can collect more. Zenies can then be spent at the shop to get yourself some Running Boots to increase Tevi’s movement speed or a Bag Expander to increase your backpack’s capacity as needed.

You will also be able to collect a variety of resources as you defeat the hundreds of opponents standing in your way. These resources will be added to your bag and can then be used to craft some useful items you can quickly access by pressing in on the Touchpad on the DualSense controller or upgrades for your loadout. Some examples include delicious Cocoa Truffles that will help you recover 20% + 10 HP of your health. Maybe you want to develop a new orbitar type with additional modes of basic and charged shots. You could also craft an upgrade for your Cross Bomb to deal extra damage.

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And now, let’s talk about the trophies! This one has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy waiting for you. The list is split into 64 Bronze trophies and a single Gold trophy. That means you have a ton to do during your time with TEVI! Along with the trophies that will pop for completing the game and doing so while considering specific instructions – such as beating the game in less than 5 hours while also collecting 50% or more of all items in the game – there are many miscellaneous objectives for you to work on.


What else will you need to do to be able to add that new shiny Platinum trophy to your collection? You can get trophies for obtaining 50,000 and 150,000 Zenies, defeating 1,000 enemies, dealing 250 damage in a single hit, dealing 15,000 damage before a combo ends, obtaining 10, 50, and 125 bunny potions, collecting 30, 80, and 160 sigils, exploring 100% of any area in the game, upgrading any piece of equipment to level 3, using healing consumables 25 times, getting K’Od by a bunny, getting K’Od 9 times, and defeating a boss while having less than 5% HP remaining and using s special action to pet a bunny.

TEVI is a challenging hand-drawn bullet hell Metroidvania that works as the spiritual successor to the beloved Rabi-Ribi. As the titular mechanic, Tevi, you’ll be slashing and smashing enemies that dare to stand in your path as you try to find all of the powerful Astral Gears through the land of Az. Do you have what it takes? TEVI is available on PlayStation 5 with a $34.99 price tag. There’s also a PlayStation 4 version available for the same price as a separate purchase.

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This TEVI review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by PM Studio.

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