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[Nintendo Switch] Lesson Learned Review

[Nintendo Switch] Lesson Learned Review
  • On June 12, 2024

Lesson Learned from Gaming Factory and MadGamesmith is a new hand-drawn tower defense experience on Nintendo Switch. Check our Lesson Learned review!


Lesson Learned from Gaming Factory and MadGamesmith is a new hand-drawn tower defense experience on Nintendo Switch. You’ll be helping a fellow named Frank on a journey through history in a world with a fantasy twist to it. Is this real life? Who knows! It seems Frank fell asleep in class and is now trapped in a dream world. One moment, you’ll be fighting against a caveman. Blink, and you’ll find yourself battling medieval knights! While Frank starts on his own, you can work on freeing classmates to expand the group and try to gain the upper hand. You can play this one on your own or with a friend in local co-op.

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While towers must be built to take care of the defense, you won’t be able to do this willy-nilly. Tower placement is important, but so is collecting the resources needed to build them. Sure, Frank has a slingshot to try and attack enemies while dealing a bit of damage here and there, but you won’t be able to stand a chance without the towers. What resources will you need to get your hands on to keep the cycle going? You will have to find wood and stone to build towers.


Once you get started – and as soon as you complete the game’s short tutorial – you’ll control Frank with the left analog stick as you move through each area. You can open up the build panel with the L button so that you can select what structure is needed by pressing the A button. This is why it’s important that you collect as many resources as possible. Press the X button to gather resources or to order minions to do so. Once resources are collected, they must be brought back to the base. The ZR button is for firing at enemies, and you can aim as needed with the right analog stick.

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You’ll work on doing most of this on your own, but you’ll slowly start adding more minions to your group. As mentioned before, said minions are your classmates, whom you’ll free as you take on the different bosses standing on your path. To be able to stand a chance, you’ll have to work on upgrading your towers with the special artifacts that can be collected after defeating some enemies. Upgraded towers will be more efficient, thus allowing you to defeat more enemies at a steady pace. You can also do a mini upgrade in a level by using slime to reinforce a tower.


Take, for example, the Arrow Pricker. This is the first tower you’ll have access to, and it’s the one the game will use during its short tutorial to teach you the basic gameplay loop. As its name suggests, this tower will attack enemies within its range by slinging deadly arrows at them. If you collect enough upgrade items and upgrade the Arrow Pricker once, it will deal a bit more damage with every hit. The higher you go, the more damage it will deal. Once you unlock its final upgrade, the arrows it shoots will also deal fire damage to enemies, which can make a big diffeence.

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Unlike many of the tower defense games you’ve probably played by now, Lesson Learned changes things a bit by having your base start very close to the spawn point – or spawn points! – of your enemies. Your goal will be not only to defend the base but also to help it move far, far away from your opponents. The base will gather energy as Frank and your towers defeat enemies, and it will move along the path after it’s had a chance to charge up.


You can play each level in this game in one of three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, and Hard. As expected, the higher you go, the more challenging of an experience you’ll have. You can also work on completing bonus levels for each level if you want to 100% the game. Said objectives require that you complete the level without Frank being knocked out, without your base receiving any damage, and without minions getting any damage.

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The game doesn’t set out to reinvent the wheel, so if you’ve played a tower defense game before, then you know what you’ll be getting yourself into In fact, there’s not a lot of variety during the first hour or two you’ll spend with Lesson Learned. Sure, you’ll be changing locations, and things will look a bit different, but you’ll be using the same tower types and taking on the same enemy types over and over again, which is not going to be for everyone. This is how tower defense games usually handle things, so you either click with them or you don’t.


Lesson Learned is a new hand-drawn tower defense experience in which you’ll travel through different periods in a world with a fantasy twist. You’ll command minions – a.k.a. the classmates you’ll free along the way – to help you gather resources to build more and more towers, all while you also work on directly attacking enemies and bosses. Lesson Learned is out on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 price tag.

This Lesson Learned review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Gaming Factory.

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A fun tower defense experience on Nintendo Switch