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[Nintendo Switch] Scarlet Tower Review

[Nintendo Switch] Scarlet Tower Review
  • On June 20, 2024

Scarlet Tower from Pyxeralia brings us a horde survival bullet hell on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Scarlet Tower review!


Scarlet Tower from Pyxeralia brings us a horde survival bullet hell on Nintendo Switch. It’s of the gothic horror variety, so you’ll be taking on deadly monsters of all shapes and sizes as you try to survive for as long as possible. You know the drill: your hero of choice will automatically use its attacks and skills to try and defeat all the monsters that are out to get you. You’ll need to move around at all times so that you can avoid their attacks while trying not to paint yourself into a corner. You can also change the game’s settings in case you want to manually aim at enemies and attack them as needed.

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The first step on this journey will be to choose the hero you’ll be playing as. You have seven different options to choose from, and each one will have different class and race abilities for you to consider. Be sure to try them all so that you can find the one that best suits your playing style! Your options, at first, are Vylat and Ninn. You can work on unlocking additional characters: Lance, Rhys, Allure, Veromus, Lyah, and Maeve. Vylat is a powerful Bloodmancer who will be using the Scarlet Sword, which creates a wave of blood that deals physical damage and drins a bit of health based on the damage dealt.


This is why his Ultimate is Scarlet Illusion, which sends a huge wave that deals a ton of damage, stuns enemies for a handful of seconds and then returns to Vylat while dealing some extra damage on its way back. Vylat has access to two different passive abilities, so you’ll need to try them out to see which one suits you. The first one is Bat Aspect, which turns him into a bat for 3 seconds while dashing, gaining a 20% boost to movement. The second one is Transfusion, by which Vylat generates a blood pulse around him for 20 seconds while dealing magical damage and draining some health from all enemies it hits. You’ll also need to select one Glyph from a trio, depending on which passive ability you go with. Bat Aspect gets Nocturnal, Cold Blood, and Vampiric Mend. Transfusion gets Abundance, Crimson Defense, and Royal Blood.

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And now, onto Ninn! Our heroine, Ninn, is a mighty Elementalist who will make good use of her Cosmic Orb. She will shoot the Cosmic Orb at enemies, which will explode on impact, dealing magical damage to all enemies within its attack radius. Her Ultimate is Tsunami, a powerful wave that, for 5 seconds, will deal constant magical damage to enemies while also imposing freeze chargers on them. If any allies are hit by the wave, they will be healed. Her two passive abilities are Water Elemental and Frost Nova. Water Elemental will summon an elemental to fight by Ninn’s side. If you fully level up this one, you can summon two elementals at once! As for Frost Nova, it will generate a blast every 40 seconds that will freeze any enemies it hits.


Ninn’s Glyphs are Splitting Ice, Frost, and Blizzard for Water Elemental and Splitting Ice, Crescent Winter, and Glacial Reckoning for Frost Nova. Splitting Ice will create an icy fragment that deals damage and applies chill. Frost will freeze enemies in place. Blizzard will summon a shower of icy fragments that deal magical damage over a short period of time while also applying slow. Frost Shard will make enemies frozen by the Frost Nova passive ability explode upon death while dealing extra damage around them, which could make it the ideal Glyph to pair with said passive ability. That is unless you prefer Crescent Winter, which, for every 100 enemies frozen by Frost Nova, will boost your physical and magical damage. As for Glacial Reckoning, it will increase Frost Nova’s freeze effect by 3 seconds for every 30% of lost health, giving you a chance to regroup and recover.

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As you defeat enemies, you’ll gain experience points for your efforts. Obtain enough, and your character will level up. When this happens, you’ll get to select one of three available options for your current run in order to boost your odds of survival. There are many different options during a run, so talking about all of them would take forever, but let’s discuss a few of them. Fire Staff will shoot a fireball every 6 seconds to deal damage while applying burn. In contrast, the Frost staff will shoot icy shards every 5 seconds while dealing damage and applying chill. Go with the Knife, and you’ll throw a piercing knife every 3 seconds that will deal damage as it travels in a line. Which one will you choose?


Scarlet Tower brings us a horde survival bullet hell. It’s of the gothic horror variety, so you’ll be taking on deadly monsters of all shapes and sizes as you try to survive for as long as possible. You have the option of going with the automatic aiming and attacking, or you can go into the settings and change that so that you aim and attack enemies as needed. There are different passive abilities and Glyphs for each starting hero, and you can work on unlocking a handful of extra heroes to add some variety. Scarlet Tower is out on Nintendo Switch with a budget price tag of $4.99.

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This Scarlet Tower review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Pyxeralia.

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Fun gothic-themed horde survival bullet hell on Nintendo Switch