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[Nintendo Switch] Tavern Talk Review

[Nintendo Switch] Tavern Talk Review
  • On June 21, 2024

Tavern Talk from Gentle Troll Entertainment is a cozy D&D-inspired experience in which you’ll meet a colorful cast of characters as you make them some magical drinks. Learn more in our Tavern Talk review!


Tavern Talk from Gentle Troll Entertainment is a cozy D&D-inspired experience in which you’ll meet a colorful cast of characters as you make them some magical drinks. The fastest way to describe Tavern Talk is to ask the question: “What if Coffee Talk but 100% fully fantasy-themed?” I previously reviewed Coffee Talk on Nintendo Switch back in 2020. This was followed by a review for sequel Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly – also on Nintendo’s console – last year. I loved both of them, so I was definitely intrigued to check out what Tavern Talk has to offer.

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Gentle Troll Entertainment took Tavern Talk to Kickstarter last year, seeking €20,000 in funding to be able to work on the game’s development and release. Once the crowdfunding campaign was over – and thanks to the support of more than 3,400 backers, the project ended up with over €150,000! Thanks to this, several stretch goals were reached, which added new characters, new animations, new drinks, as well as a port to the Nintendo Switch. It’s now 2024, and here we are, ready to take Tavern Talk for a spin on Nintendo’s hybrid console, still going strong on its 8th year on the market.


Phesoa is where the game will take place at a tiny tavern where anyone looking for adventure can relax and unwind as they quench their thirst. All drinks are infused with magic in order to help them succeed in their quest. You’ll be taking on the role of the innkeeper of this particular establishment, who has a good eye for mixing some very special drinks. You’ll have to pay attention to what everyone has to say and try to give them the drink they need for their journey up ahead. Once you select your pronouns, you’ll be ready to get started with a short tutorial that will teach you the basics so that you can get the hang of things and start serving some delicious magical concoctions to your different customers.

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Some of the drinks you’ll be making include the Frosted Lagoon, a delicious beverage that can protect you from physical and spiritual harm while cooling you down, even in the hottest Summer days. You could also make a Swift Strike, a great option for adventurers looking for a dexterity boost, as it will improve agility, speed, and accuracy. Maybe you’ll consider that one of your customers is in great need of a Southern Brawler, which provides the perfect combination of offensive and defensive boosts. It can be served fiery hot or ice-cold, depending on the type of fight you’re looking for. Make a Sparkling Nebula to inspire someone with great ideas and greater stories as they drink something that rewires their synapses and gives them a big intelligence boost!


Your Journal will be an important part of this experience since it will provide you with lots of valuable information. The Journal will contain some information right from the start, but a good chunk of it will be populated as you progress through the game. You’ll get to add information about the characters that you meet, the rumors you hear quests that adventurers can take on, the dialogue log, the different recipes you’ve worked on, the ingredients you’ll use for said recipes – as well as the stats they can potentially boost -, any infusions you concoct, as well as the map for Phesoa, which is split into the different regions (Boreas, Amber Isles, Forbidden Vally, and more).

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What are some of the characters you’ll meet during your time as the innkeeper in Tavern Talk? There’s Fate, an elven ranger who will actually be the first character you will get to interact with. Fate considers the tavern a safe haven where all worries go away… even if for a bit. Another one is Caerlin, a tough-as-nails mercenary from the South of Phesoa who prefers to work alone. No matter how impossible of a task she’s faced with, she’ll make sure to get the job done. Failure is not an option! Another character is Sir Alphonse Louis Frèdèric Duquette – a.k.a. Kyle. He’s an ex-Count who has now lived for a very, very long time. As expected, this has ended up making him feel a bit jaded and forgetful. When there’s so much information about your life and your interactions with others, it all sorta mashes together into an amorphous bunch of memories.


Going back to ingredients and stats, it’s important to give them a look so that you can better understand how ingredients interact with each other and what each adventurer might need stats-wise to have a successful quest. The stats you’ll need to keep an eye on are Strength, Charisma, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Defense. Strength is a must for warriors who are ready to jump into battle. Charisma will affect someone’s natural charm and people skills. Dexterity influences an adventurer’s natural agility. Intelligence fortifies wits, mental defenses, learning capacity, and ability to apply knowledge. As for defense, it will protect someone from physical, magical, or spiritual damage.

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Something that felt odd at first was that the B button was set as the default confirmation button when most games on Nintendo Switch have this set to the A button. The good news is that the team is very much aware of this and has a specific option for you to switch the confirmation button from B to A. There are also some accessibility options for you to tailor your experience, which is always appreciated. You can increase the font size – which is always a good thing for games that also have a PC counterpart since the text on consoles is usually tiny by comparison – enable or disable animated text, as well as change the user interface for the Journal in order to enable a larger presentation.

Tavern Talk is a cozy D&D-inspired experience in which you’ll meet a colorful cast of characters as you make them some magical drinks. It pays homage to the beloved Coffe Talk series while giving the gameplay cycle its own spin. As a skillful innkeeper who is great at mixing drinks with magical properties, you’ll get to prepare some beverages for adventurers that can hopefully help them on their quests. As you talk and talk, you’ll get to know them a little better as you learn more about the world around you. Tavern Talk is out on Nintendo Switch with a $21.99 price tag.

This Tavern Talk review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Gentle Troll Entertainment.

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A charming and cozy D&D inspired tavern visual novel experience