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[PlayStation 5] Dig or Die Review

[PlayStation 5] Dig or Die Review

Dig or Die from BlitWorks Games and Gaddy Games is a survival crafting game in which you’ll have to collect resources and build shelters during the day to protect you at night when the land is hostile. Check our Dig or Die review!


As a representative of the company “CRAFT & CO”, your spaceship has crashed into an hostile planet… but thanks to all the security courses of the company you are ready to survive and start crafting a new ship and return home.

Dual gameplay. Explore and investigate during the day. Run away and take shelter in your basement at night.

Craft using the collected resources, improve your crafting table and develop new tools, build new fortifications and more complex systems.

In Dig or Die, you represent Craft&Co. While making a delivery, you unfortunately crash land on a hostile planet. From that point forward, your goal will be to use the daylight (when it is less dangerous) to harvest materials, craft items, and fortifications, all in preparation for the hostile night when enemies will raid you.


As I began playing, I quickly realized that this game doesn’t hold your hand and drops you right into the action with a few pointers about what to do. It’ll be on you to read (and find) the Help menu, which is honestly a must to get to understand what your general progression steps are. It reminded me of games such as Terraria and Minecraft, where you must figure out what you must do and determine your objectives to progress through the game.

As mentioned, your short-term objective is to survive the nightly enemy attacks by building defenses. You’ll spend the day exploring the expansive and randomly generated world and will meet enemies that aren’t hostile until you attack them first, which gives you some room to plan which enemies you want to also go up against. You won’t be able to fight against all enemies and survive, so be ready for the harsh truth.

You can craft new items using your crafting device as you go further in the world and get better equipment. You’ll begin by crafting turrets to help you survive the early nights. You’ll then craft more powerful items and even upgrade your crafting device, allowing you to craft better tier items. Your main objective is to repair your shuttle and get off this hostile planet.


Now that I’ve talked about the gameplay, I need to mention a few issues with this game. The first one is just a weird issue with the installation that will recommend downloading each Cross-Buy version – PS4 and PS5 – twice. After doing so, I had four installations of the game on my PlayStation 5. While this isn’t critical, that was odd, and it’s the first time I saw this happen for a game.

With that being said, I had a huge issue with the controls. Since this game is already available on PC, I thought that the keyboard control to the PlayStation controller transition was a huge miss in more than one area. The worst issue is the jump button, which is bound to the left analog stick – the stick you use to move left and right – when you press the analog stick in the up direction.

Due to the unfortunate decision to have the jump button bound to the same analog stick as moving, you’ll inevitably reach a point where you’re exploring underground and get attacked by enemies. You will try to evade their attacks and fire at them while attempting to flee the area. Since the jump button is in the same stick as moving, you’ll often press the wrong button when trying to aim. I can say that more than one of my (mostly underground) deaths were tied to this.


Similarly, the right analog stick is used for aiming. Pressing the R3 button will change the zoom level. It was quite annoying to accidentally change the zoom level – thus severely reducing my field of view – when I was just trying to flee from a horde of monsters. Unfortunately, it felt that the control scheme devised for this game was its worst issue and would likely keep PlayStation gamers away from this game. On the presentation side, I liked that the game looked like Terraria, with a 2D game on a blocky world, with a huge area to explore and underground caverns. The soundtrack was peaceful and relaxing.

As for the trophies, this release features a short list consisting of 2 Bronze trophies, 8 Silver trophies, and 8 Gold trophies. Yes, this one does have a Platinum trophy for you to work on. That said, do not expect an easy time to get the Platinum as this one requires you to complete the campaign and escape the planet, as well completing a few feats in the Brutal difficulty, which will be quite challenging.

Dig or Die is a good survival game that will require a good time investment to understand the gameplay mechanics, survive the nights, and progress in the craftable items tiers. I noted that the control scheme was not ideal and rendered the exploration harder than it should be. With that being said, if you’re looking for an invested exploration and crafting experience, this one might be for you. Dig or Die is available on PlayStation 5 with a $9.99 price tag.

This Dig or Die review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by BlitWorks Games.

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Fun exploration x crafting experience