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Xbox 2 = Xbox 360? PLEASE confirm!

April 13, 2005 |

Well, it official non-official confirmation. I guess. Ah, just read the link.

Link: Digital Media Experience

Oh, and you might be wondering about all this Xbox 2 news recently. Well, it’s HD, and it’s console gaming, and it’s interesting. ‘Nuff … Read More

3 Million Xbox 2’s Sold This Year?

April 13, 2005 |

Goldman Sachs thinks that Microsoft may sell 3 million Xbox 2’s this year (at least so says this article). It’s just speculation right now as to when the Xbox 2 will be released, but October and November dates are … Read More

Massive Xbox 2 Giveaway

April 13, 2005 |

There are rumors going around that Microsoft and Pepsi are planning to give away an Xbox 2 every ten minutes, 24 hours a day, for nine weeks straight. Some kind of under-the-cap promotion like Pepsi did with iTunes and Apple. … Read More

Xbox 2 To Be Unveiled on MTV

April 11, 2005 |

[Update: a Penny Arcade comic about this] [Update: anticipation builds for the MTV debut] [Update: showtimes – 9:30pm in North America]

In this post I kind of joked that Microsoft would be changing their unveiling date of the Xbox 2 … Read More

Microsoft Lines Up Xbox 2 Supporters

April 11, 2005 |

Microsoft has garnered the support of studios like EA, Vivendi, Ubisoft, and Rockstar for their next-generation, HD, Xbox 2.

These companies already support the Xbox, so I’m not sure this is such a great announcement, unless you’ve been looking for … Read More

Sony PS3 – Also Before E3, AND Before Microsoft

April 8, 2005 |


In one of those moves that says “yeah, like THAT’S coincidence”, Sony announced that it’s pre-E3 showing of the PS3 will happen at 15:00PST on 16may05 at the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City. This is a mere 3 … Read More

Briefly – PS3, Xbox 2

April 8, 2005 |

Sony was to have a preview event for the PS3 sometime in March. Well, Sony kind of changed their minds, so no such event was held. Some are predicting doom and gloom, but I don’t think it’s such a big … Read More

Xbox 2: Before E3

April 8, 2005 |

CNN Money says that Microsoft will be announcing the next Xbox (probably to be called the Xbox 360) several days before E3. Everyone is clamoring for details of the next Xbox, and all will be revealed soon.

Price and launch … Read More