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Briefly – PS3, Xbox 2

April 8, 2005 |

Sony was to have a preview event for the PS3 sometime in March. Well, Sony kind of changed their minds, so no such event was held. Some are predicting doom and gloom, but I don’t think it’s such a big … Read More

Xbox 2: Before E3

April 8, 2005 |

CNN Money says that Microsoft will be announcing the next Xbox (probably to be called the Xbox 360) several days before E3. Everyone is clamoring for details of the next Xbox, and all will be revealed soon.

Price and launch … Read More

Bill Gates on the Future and Xbox

April 6, 2005 |

This may not exactly be late-breaking news, but I missed this the first time around so I thought I’d put up a link just in case you did too. Bill Gates gave an interview to about the future of … Read More

Sony Cell Slideshow

March 28, 2005 |

Even though this isn’t HD news per-se, the next generation PS3 will support HD, and will use the Cell processor. Sony has made slides available about the Cell.

Link: Sony

Read More

PS3 dev kits

March 22, 2005 |

The rumors say that some PS3 development kits are making their way to PS3 software developers. And they even include hardware. Not all the hardware, just some of the hardware. What I’d like to know: is there an HDMI connector … Read More

Nintendo Revolution

March 21, 2005 |

One of my friends (let’s name him, oh, Steve), a GameCube owner, is probably wondering why I haven’t written about the next Nintendo system (codename: Revolution) yet. Am I biased? Do I hate Nintendo? Some conspiracy of some kind? Nope, … Read More

PlayStation 3 Hardware

March 18, 2005 |

[Update: here’s a link about Sony’s plans for BD drives. A device like this will be in the PS3. ] [Update: Here is the formal announcement of the PS3’s support for BD-ROM.]

While this article at PS2 IGN contains no … Read More

Xbox 2 in HD

March 17, 2005 |

We all thought this was coming. We all hoped this was coming. We all crossed our fingers and pleaded to the powers that be (ie, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) to please please please make it happen. But finally we’re starting … Read More