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Ceidz is the Owner (along with EdEN), Contributor and Webmaster of, and he works as a Software Developer. He has three passions in life: His wife and four kids (including twins), PlayStation (and Nintendo) gaming, and his work. His favorite game genres are JRPGs and platformers. He's been writing gaming posts since 2010 and reviewed well over 300 games.

Posts By Ceidz

[PlayStation 5] Dig or Die Review

July 8, 2024 |

Dig or Die from BlitWorks Games and Gaddy Games is a survival crafting game in which you’ll have to collect resources and build shelters during the day to protect you at night when the land is hostile. Check our Dig or Die review!

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[PlayStation 5] Master Maker 3D Ultimate Review

May 7, 2024 |

Master Maker 3D Ultimate from eastasiasoft and Derik D.F is a simple 3D platformer in which you take control of a Roblox-like character on its quest to… do something. Maybe. Check our Master Maker 3D Ultimate review!

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[PlayStation 5] Ready, Steady, Build! Review

May 2, 2024 |

Ready, Steady, Build! from Untold Tales and Jollybits Games is an arcade party game in which you will have to get together to repair every shipping facility in the world to ensure packages get to their destination. Check our Ready, Steady, Build! review!

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[PlayStation 5] Tales from Candleforth Review

April 30, 2024 |

Tales from Candleforth from Feardemic and Under the Bed Games is a folk horror adventure game on PS5. Learn more in our Tales from Candleforth review!

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[PlayStation 5] Xatrom Command Review

April 4, 2024 |

Xatrom Command from Ratalaika Games and 9Ratones is an arcade shooter game in which you’ll have to rid a lab of an alien invasion. Check our Xatrom Command review!

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[PlayStation 5] 10 Seconds to Win! Review

April 1, 2024 |

10 Seconds to Win! from eastasiasoft and Vergiu Games is a fast-paced platformer in which you’ll have to reach the end of 50 levels each within a time limit of only 10 seconds. Check our 10 Seconds to Win! review!

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[PlayStation 4] Saga of the Moon Priestess Review

February 8, 2024 |

Saga of the Moon Priestess from eastasiasoft and Pixel Trash is an adventure game reminiscent of 8 and 16-bit Zelda games. Check our Saga of the Moon Priestess review!

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[PlayStation 5] Harmony: The Fall of Reverie Review

July 10, 2023 |

Harmony: The Fall of Reverie is a narrative-driven visual novel experience from DON’T NOD that is now available on PlayStation 5. Check out our Harmony: The Fall of Reverie review!

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