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RDR Game Night Recap: July 24th

July 29, 2010 |

Here we go with another Red Dead Redemption Game Night Recap. We had a lot of fun as always, but this one was special, because of the double points and stuff that happened during the event, and a special announcement in the end of this article.

It was 9pm Eastern when I tried to join Sinlock and NashtheSlash. This time Old Man McGuffin was reluctant to let me play, but after 15 minutes of arguing I promised him I would not hurt his daughter, and Sinlock finally caught me up in the posse. I met them at El Presidio, and was received by a cannon ball right through my feet. I was history and did not even start to shoot… After shooting some federales we decided to wander around and clean some gang hideouts.

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RDR Game Night Recap: July 17th

July 27, 2010 | | One Comment

Yes, the date is correct. We are a tad bit late when it comes to do our recaps (perhaps because we care more about gaming than writing…). Unfortunatelly I was not playing that night due to personal matters, but Sinlock was in a good mood to let me write this recap and distribute the points to the players that were having fun that night.

No more waiting. Here are the awards for the RDR Game Night, July 17th:
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DC Universe Online Beta Registration is Open!

July 26, 2010 | | One Comment

For those who are willing to try the upcoming MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment, the registration for Beta access is open. Visit this site, fill in the form  and cross your fingers for an invite. DC Universe Online is scheduled … Read More

RDR: The Passage of Time as Art

July 20, 2010 | | 7 Comments

Now this is stunning… I play Red Dead Redemption one or two hours at least in a daily-basis, and with all the shooting and looting I did not take the time to admire this… It really amazes me that Rockstar … Read More

Just Add Water and You Might Get… Oddworld!

July 20, 2010 | | 2 Comments

… No, it’s not another weird gardener tip. Stewart Gilray, from Just Add Water, revealed in the last PSNation podcast that his studio, who already produced Gravity Crash for PS3 (PSP version coming out today July 20th), is working closely … Read More

RDR Game Night (07/10): Recap and Awards

July 15, 2010 | | 8 Comments

For those who were not around in the past week, we had our 3rd Red Dead Redemption Game Night this past Saturday (July 10th).

I started the fun around 9pm Eastern, and Darrin soon joined me. We were about … Read More

Ratchet & Clank PS2 Collection to PS3: Hummm, maybe…

July 8, 2010 | | 14 Comments

… but not from Insomniac Games. They could support Sony, if there is enough interest, though. That’s what the Burbank-based independent studio twitted a couple days ago, in response to a possibility of a compilation … Read More

Dirty Pants (Part I): A RDR Chronicle Contest Winner…

July 6, 2010 |

This is the last of the winners of the Red Dead Redemption Chronicles Contest. This piece was submitted by David Goransson, and it drove me into the story in a way that I couldn’t wait for reading the next sentence. It’s quite long, so I’ll publish it in two parts. First one is here, and I hope you like as much as I do. Again, it’s different from Oly‘s and EdEN‘s.
Make sure to read until the end… There’s a surprise for you…

Tumbleweed. A town of ghosts and evil spirits. Or so I was told at the poker table when I pulled out the worn and dirty piece of paper with a mansion skilfully etched in graphite. The fear in the faces around that table in Armadillo’s Saloon was real.

“Don’t go there at night – and never alone.” Ted Boston said shaking his head. “Six-shooter’s no good for killing what’s already dead.”

He was so shook up he didn’t notice me switch out my deuce for an Ace. Not that I needed the distraction, though cheating at cards was a whole lot harder when the whisky was flowing.

I rode “Dead Eye” my trusted Kentucky Saddler stallion hard – buoyed by the proposition that the only thing between me and enough gold to raise my own posse was a bunch of ghosts and local superstition. I should have known better.

The mansion was the first building I saw as I approached Tumbleweed. There was no mistaking that this was same building drawn on the cryptic map tucked in my duster. It stood on a hill on the far side of town – And I heard it before I saw it. Haunted my ass. There was a full scale ruckus going on in that building with drunks staggering on the balcony and whores hanging out the upper windows, and guns being shot into the air.

And since when did ghosts need to keep sentries on watch? Damn! There was gold somewhere in that mansion – at least I hoped it was still there and I had drunk more than I usually did when there was killing to be had. But then again, I was always good when it came to killing.
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