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EdEN is the Owner (along with Ceidz), PR and Editor-In-Chief of His love for video games started many generations ago back when Pong home machines were a thing, and each of the posts he writes shows his passion. He's a senior writer, with over 3,000 posts including a ton of game reviews.

Posts By EdEN

[PlayStation 5] Gardener’s Path Review

January 7, 2022 |

Gardener’s Path from Ratalaika Games and Viridino Studios is a top-down turn-based puzzle adventure on PlayStation. Learn more in our Gardener’s Path review!

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[PlayStation 5] Horatio Goes Snowboarding Review

January 6, 2022 |

Horatio Goes Snowboarding from eastasiasoft and Infinite State Games is an arcade-style winter experience on PS5. Check our Horatio Goes Snowboarding review!

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[Nintendo Switch] Word Forward Review

January 5, 2022 |

Word Forward from Thalamus Digital is a minimalist puzzle game in which you must use all letters on a 5×5 grid to make words disappear to clear the board. Check our Word Forward review!

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[Nintendo Switch] Grow: Song of The Evertree Review

January 4, 2022 |

Grow: Song of The Evertree from Prideful Sloth and 505 Games is a charming game in which you can grow your own world to bring the titular tree back to life. Check our Grow: Song of The Evertree review!

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[PlayStation 5] Serious Sam 4 Review

January 3, 2022 |

Serious Sam 4 from Croteam and Devolver Digital is the highly anticipated sequel in the long-running franchise. Check out our Serious Sam 4 review!

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[PlayStation 5] Memories of East Coast Review

December 31, 2021 |

Memories of East Coast from eastasiasoft and Roomah Gaming is a visual novel in which you’ll join Sam on an emotional journey. Learn more in our Memories of East review!

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[PlayStation 5] Night Lights Review

December 30, 2021 |

Night Lights from Rataika Games and Meridian4 is a 2D puzzle platformer in which light and shadows will help to lead the way. Learn more in Night Lights review!

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[Nintendo Switch] 6Souls Review

December 29, 2021 |

6Souls from Ratalaika Games and BUG-STUDIO is a fantasy-themed 2D action platformer on Nintendo Switch. Check our 6Souls review!

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