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EdEN is the Owner (along with Ceidz), PR and Editor-In-Chief of His love for video games started many generations ago back when Pong home machines were a thing, and each of the posts he writes shows his passion. He's a senior writer, with over 3,000 posts including a ton of game reviews.

Posts By EdEN

First details on PS3 exclusive Eat Them!

November 9, 2010 | | 3 Comments

A new game from FluffyLogic (great  name by the way), the developer behind  Savage Moon for PSN  (a fun tower defense game that was on sale for PS+ owners two updates ago) and for PSP, was revealed at E3 last June but it would seem that the demo didn’t get the attention it deserved since, let’s face it, this E3 was very crazy with all the new hardware (3DS), peripherals (Move and Kinect) and software (waaaaay too many games to even attemp to list them here) that were previewed or  announced.

Eat Them! lets you create a monster tailored to your darkest desires so you can then try to level entire cities. Think Rampage in 3D  and you might have an idea of what you can do in the game.  An interesting idea is that the game uses comic book styled visuals which isn’t the same as cel shaded graphics. In cel shading, colors are usually colorful and void of too many lines. Eat Them! goes for a comic style similar to what you might find in the sketchbook of Leinil Yu, Brian Hitch, Lee Bermejo or Simone Bianchi.

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Rock Band 3 Squier Guitar To Release on March 1 2011

November 8, 2010 | | 9 Comments

Are you thinking about buying Rock Band 3 for your system of choice because you’ve heard so much about how this new game is supposed to be a great tool to, finally, teach you how to actually play guitar? Then … Read More

Playstation Move: It Only Does Stats

November 8, 2010 | | 4 Comments

This image was posted over at the Playstation.Blog to give us some stats which we can season with some salt and pepper to spice up the hype:

Sony promises more stats (Oh, glorious Joy!) during the week when the … Read More

PlayStation Home Update Next Week

November 5, 2010 | | 2 Comments

On November 11, also known as next Thursday (or weekend eve), the Playstation Home Beta (yep, it’s still a Beta and will probably stay like that for a long, long time) will get a new update. The version number will change … Read More

Crescent Pale Mist Up For Release on PSN Next Tuesday

November 5, 2010 | | 6 Comments

The new game from Rockin’ Android and Sony Online Entertainment, Crescent Pale Mist, will soon be available at the PSN Store thanks to Tuesday’s update. As logic would dictate, it’s a PSN exclusive since SOE is involved and Sony releasing … Read More

PlayStation Move Ships 1 Million Units in North America

November 4, 2010 | | 3 Comments

The official PlayStation Blog is proud to announce at this moment that the PS Move has shipped over one million units in North America alone to retailers. Since it’s release, the PlayStation Move controller has been selling at a rate that has exceeded Sony’s own expectations for the peripheral and they couldn’t be happier. They didn’t specify how many of those units are of the bundle variety (which includes Sports Champions and a PS3 Eye to track the controller).

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No Heroes Allowed for PSP to be Released Tomorrow on PSN

November 1, 2010 | | 6 Comments

The “Badman” series (which had to be renamed into “My Lord” and remove the holy from it to avoid a lawsuit from the Batman camp. No, seriously) is one of the games that has in the past made me consider buying a PSP (not fully convinced me yet). Basically the games are Tower Defense in nature since you’re trying to keep the heroes from being successful in their quest for truth, justice… and lots and lots of gold.

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Sly Cooper Collection Will Release On November 9th

October 28, 2010 | | 4 Comments

The new HD upgrade to the Sly Cooper franchise has been cleared for launch and will be available at retailers starting on Tuesday, November 9th for your platforming pleasure. The game was revealed at this years E3 and shortly after we got some new info about what we would be getting for our $39.99 purchase which makes this post a whole lot easier:

  • Sly Cooper 1, 2 and 3, all in one Bluray disc.
  • Widescreen 720p remastered graphics at a steady 60 frames per second
  • 4 new minigames that take advantage of both the new PlayStation Move controller and 3D. You can also play them with the Dualshock 3 controller and without the 3D.
  • Trophies for all 3 games which means you get 3 platinum trophies for only $39.99

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