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EdEN is the Owner (along with Ceidz), PR and Editor-In-Chief of His love for video games started many generations ago back when Pong home machines were a thing, and each of the posts he writes shows his passion. He's a senior writer, with over 3,000 posts including a ton of game reviews.

Posts By EdEN

Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon Released on PSN

September 2, 2011 | | 2 Comments

Carlos Giffoni, Creative Director over at 345 Games is pleased to announce that their new game, Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon, is now available for purchase at the PSN Store for only $9.99! Let’s see what else he has to say:

For those of you that haven’t been following our development, Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon is a four-player, co-op, dual-analog arcade shooter (think Robotron on crack…with plenty of raving zombies and delinquent man-birds, of course). What’s really fantastic about the game is that we’ve been lucky enough to work extremely closely with the über-talented staff over at the Ugly Americans. All of the voice actors from the show lent their talents to their characters, the writers created a completely new story for the game, and Devin Clark (animator and series creator) came up with all the character design including some insanely twisted end-level bosses. As a result it really feels like you are playing inside an episode of the show, every element from the world of Ugly Americans forms a crucial part of this game experience.

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Back to the Future Episode 5 Review

September 1, 2011 | | 10 Comments Episode 1: It's About Time Episode 2: Get Tannen Episode 3: Citizen Brown Episode 4: Double Visions

After such a long journey that has taken us from here to there and everywhere in between… how will it all end? Doc went missing and was stuck in the past where he “allegedly” burned down a speakeasy, we changed things just a bit and all of a sudden the Tannen Family owns Hill Valley in the present, changed the present AGAIN by messing with the past and making it more future than present and even tried to cure a severe case of puppy love between a poodle and a vicious pitbull. Did it all work?

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House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Extended Cut – Creeping Flesh

August 31, 2011 | | 7 Comments

The second and final extra level to be included on the House of the Dead: Overkill Wii to PS3 port has been revealed and it’s something to truly marvel at:

As was the case last time, Varla and her stripper friend Candy find themselves in an unlikely scenario where everything could (and probably WILL) go wrong. If you want to run away and hide from Zombies in a B-flick inspired universe… what better place is there than a slaughterhouse?

Hijinks ensue and the whole gang joins us for a fun, thrilling and wholesome ride down some blood covered hallways, freezers and intestine filled containers! You can buy your very own copy of House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Extended Cut right here so you can take home this Move and 3D compatible game!

More pics after the break.
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UNCHARTED Greatest Hits DualPack to release next week

August 31, 2011 | | 13 Comments

For those of you that still haven’t taken the Uncharted series out for a spin I’ve got GREAT news that will make you happy:

$40 will get you two very good games PLUS all the DLC, bells, whistles and … Read More

One Epic Game Review (minis)

August 25, 2011 | | 6 Comments

The world needs saving… again.
But this time, it needs protection from an alien invasion right in the middle of a zombie outbreak, in a fantasy land somewhere in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, with World War II also involved somehow!
And there’s just one hero who can save us all. Unfortunately, he has something better to do, so it’s all up to you now!
Become one tough action hero, choose your favorite weapon and get ready for a thrill ride bursting with action – Race through all the levels. Kill everything and anything.
* 5 worlds you have definitely seen before in other games!
* Story mode, challenges, free run mode and over 30 awards to unlock!
* Great graphics and a pumping soundtrack.
* Tongue-in-cheek story and humor.

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Uncharted 3 Collector’s Edition Unboxing

August 25, 2011 | | 11 Comments

Want to see Nathan Drake himself take us inside the Uncharted 3 Collector’s Edition that you can still pre-order right here? Then I’ve got a treat for you!

Take a look at a VIDEO unboxing right after the break and see what $99.99 can get you nowadays. Game will be great but the extras make the $40 asked on top of the MSRP of the game only SKU worth it. Are you buying this day 1?

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The Impossible Game Will Soon Release on the PSN Store

August 23, 2011 | | 10 Comments

The world’s most challenging game is coming to PlayStation®3 system and PSP® system.

Grip Games is bringing FlukeDude’s indie hit platformer The Impossible Game to the PlayStation®Store for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system.

The Impossible Game is a rhythm-based platformer game where a single mistake puts you back at the beginning of the level. Original gameplay, great soundtrack and retro graphics add up to a game described by Destructoid as “insanely addictive”.

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Disgaea 3 for only $20 and DLC at 50% Off!

August 18, 2011 | | 7 Comments

Would you like to own one of the greatest Tactical PRG games on the PS3? Do you like Final Fantasy Tactics? Would you like it even more if it had demons, was set in an evil academy where skipping class, not doing your homework and being a bad, bad seed will actually get you an A+? Then I’ve got a deal for you:

Disagaea 3 has been re-stocked at the NIS America Store and is being sold for ony $19.99! You also get free shipping in the US which makes it the perfect time to Pre-Order Disgaea 4 as well!

To go along with these great news, DLC for the retail game is currently at 50% off at the PSN Store which brings down the total cost considerably.

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