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[PS3 Review] FUEL: Overdose

March 5, 2013 | | 4 Comments

FUEL: Overdose PS3 Review

If Demon souls and twisted metal had a baby while playing micro machines, the result would be FUEL: Overdose, Stockholm Syndrome is back.

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PlayStation Plus Complete Games List for US & EU

December 17, 2012 | | 20 Comments

A complete list of All free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The list does NOT include add-ons, trials or betas. This is a work in progress, so if something from the past is incorrect or missing please post a comment with the Title and Date it was initially put on PLUS.
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[minis Review] BreakQuest: Extra Evolution

November 7, 2012 | | 3 Comments

“BreakQuest: Extra Evolution is an enhanced and improved version of original BreakQuest, one of the best break-out games of all times, created by Nurium games. In addition to the energizing gameplay of its predecessor, the game boasts a superior physics concept, new art style and cool sound. Breaking bricks has never been so fun!”

What is it?:
It is a brick breaker game that does not have too many actual bricks. I really enjoy playing most brick games, going all the way back to Arkanoid. The menu design is straightforward. Play Game and Options can be selected from the main menu. Play Game will present you with 10 different starting stages, each stage has 9 levels, plus 1 boss level. You must finish each level to progress through the stage. It’s a very simple, and straightforward layout for level selection.

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[PSN Review] Sound Shapes

October 17, 2012 | | 10 Comments

Artistic platformer, please meet my friend the music mixer?

What is it?:
You’re a ball, with a tail of sorts, that rolls around and will occasionally find things to climb into/interact with.

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[Review Rewind] Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

June 20, 2012 | | 6 Comments

The Largest Army of Super Heroes is back! Jump into the heart of the Marvel Civil War as Super Heroes collide over having to register with the government. Enter the fight for Pro or Anti-Registration forces. Whose side are you on?

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[Review Rewind]: Prince of Persia (2008)

June 11, 2012 | | 11 Comments

Coming into this Prince of Persia game, I had only played the Prince of Persia for the PC back in the 90’s, so I had zero expectations regarding gameplay and story. In this iteration, the story was engrossing and compelling. I found myself wanting to play the game to see what would happen toward the end. The other key character ends up being a ‘partner’ that is more of a ‘helper’ than anything. The humor between the two characters is witty and humorous. The voice acting was well done for the main characters; the main character’s voice is Nolan North (Nathan Drake), and he made the dialogue fun to listen to.

I believe the story mode for this Prince of Persia may be a bit more sci-fi than what some are used to, but I enjoyed it. For those collecting trophies, I’d suggest not updating the game with the latest patch, and then updating it prior to beating the game to help with some of the trophies to limit the number of times you need to playthrough the game.

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[PS3 Review] Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

May 31, 2012 | | 5 Comments

Uncover the secrets of Amalur in hundreds of hours of immersive gameplay, from the vibrant city of Rathir to the vast region of Dalentarth to the grim dungeons of the Brigand Hall Caverns.

Rescue a world torn apart by a vicious war and control the keys to immortality as the first warrior ever to be resurrected from the grips of death. Turn your lack of a destiny to your advantage and harness fate as a weapon.

Explore deep levels of lore in a universe steeped in 10,000 years of fiction created by New York Times bestselling author R.A. Salvatore.

Customize your play in a dynamic combat system that delivers some of the most intense and responsive action ever seen in an RPG.

Seamlessly integrate magical and melee attacks as you take on scores of enemies in grand fight sequences and finish them off with brutal Fateshift kills.

Build the character you’ve always wanted with the revolutionary new Destiny system that allows you to continuously evolve your character class to your style of play.

Create and modify your hero with millions of combinations of skills, abilities, weapons and pieces of armor.

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