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Category: Beyond PlayStation

[Nintendo Switch] SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE Review

December 7, 2023 |

SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE from Konami and Second Impact Games brings us a wacky musical mini-game party game adventure on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our SUPER CRAZY RHYTHM CASTLE review!

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[Nintendo Switch] Just Dance 2024 Edition Review

November 29, 2023 |

Just Dance 2024 Edition from Ubisoft brings us 40 new songs to party to on Nintendo Switch. Are you ready? Then check out our Just Dance 2024 Edition review!

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[Nintendo Switch] VISCO Collection Review

November 24, 2023 |

VISCO Collection from QUByte Interactive and Pixelheart brings us seven old-school games in one neat package. Learn more in our VISCO Collection review!

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[Nintendo Switch] DreamWorks Trolls Remix Rescue Review

November 21, 2023 |

DreamWorks Trolls Remix Rescue from GameMill and Universal Games and Digital Platforms brings us a new 3D adventure on Nintendo Switch. Check our DreamWorks Trolls Remix Rescue review!

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[Nintendo Switch] A Perfect Day Review

November 20, 2023 |

A Perfect Day from Coconut Island Games and Perfect Day Studio is an interactive story that will have you on an endless loop of the last day of the year. Check our A Perfect Day review!

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[Nintendo Switch] Archetype Arcadia Review

November 13, 2023 |

Archetype Arcadia from PQube and Kemco is a dark sci-fi visual novel in a post-apocalyptic world in which a disease makes people self-destruct. Check our Archetype Arcadia review!

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[Nintendo Switch] Let’s Sing 2024 Review

November 10, 2023 |

Let’s Sing 2024 from Voxler and PLAION is ready to help you get the party started on Nintendo Switch. Check out our Let’s Sing 2024 review!

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[Nintendo Switch] PAW Patrol World Review

November 9, 2023 |

PAW Patrol World from Outright Games and 3D Clouds is a new 3D action adventure that is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Check out our PAW Patrol World review!

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