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Demon’s Souls Guide

September 9, 2010 | | 13 Comments

This is an old 2009 game, but it’s definitely one of my favorite PS3 titles, so here is a guide with some basic tips and suggestions for people wanting to give this game a try:

What is Demon’s Souls?

If you haven’t played it, think of a third person melee action game like God of War with RPG class play styles (mage, priest, rogue, and multiple warrior types). Then, add RPG mechanics, a non-linear level hub system, lots of very challenging optional side quests, item crafting, character customization, and a very creative online PvP and co-op that are tied into the main single player game.

There is a very unique rule system, and the fun is discovering all of it. It can be difficult and there are some really frustrating and confusing parts, but this is definitely a must try if you have any interest in RPG like games.

Starter Character Builds

The most common starter build recommendation seems to be to start with a Royal which starts the game with a range attack fire spell, and a mana regenerating ring. Honestly, this build does make the first level super easy. You can basically insta-kill almost everything from a safe distance. But after 1-1, there are many areas where you can’t hang back and cast spells, and this becomes a harder build to play.

The easiest starter build is probably a temple knight. You have good armor, you don’t die so easily, and you can use faith spells (miracles) to heal yourself between monsters without burning through healing herbs which are in tight supply early on.

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Netflix PS3 Walkthrough/Review

November 11, 2009 | | 22 Comments

Ah yes, another Netflix article! The 360 has had Netflix integration since November of last year, and it was very limited in terms of capabilities. Now the PS3 and the 360 offer about the same service, but with the PS3’s online service being free, there’s no prerequisites like having to be a Gold member. Ever since then, though, I had always hoped the PS3 would get Netflix integration as well. Though it’s not integrated into the XMB (yet), Netflix finally made it to the console.

The above video is a walkthrough of Netflix on PS3. On my previous video, I was comparing the time it took to load up certain aspects of Netflix on both the 360 and PS3, which had very similar results.

This time around, it’s basically a complete walkthrough of Netflix on PS3, including what you can do in the browser. I also fixed my autofocus, so it doesn’t constantly get blurry, which helps a lot, but the picture quality isn’t all that great :/. I’ll get an actual camcorder one of these days! Anyway, onto the review itself.

For starters, the one downside is really just having to use a disc to watch the instant streaming movies. It’s no big deal, since you do the same to watch Blu-Rays and other DVDs, as well as play games. Integration will be nice, though. You may also want to keep track of where the disc’s sleeve is, since they send them out in the same kind of packaging as their regular DVDs and Blu-Rays (with different markings, such as the PS3 logo, etc.).

As far as managing your lists on the PS3 web browser, it is possible, just a little limited. You can’t use any of the drop down menus, so you can’t really choose a specific genre, but the most popular ones will show up on either the Browse DVDs or Watch Instantly pages. From there, you can browse through those and add movies like that. To add movies to the Instant Queue, you first have to open the movie’s page, since the drop down for the “Play” button doesn’t show. on that screen, the “Add to Instant Queue” will be available. You can also search by title on in the search field if you have a specific movie you want to watch and/or rent. For more options and browsing capabilities, nothing will beat the PC, though. Hopefully Netflix will have a PS3 portal on their website in the future to make the other options available.

Loading up the disc is relatively quick, though, it takes about the same amount of time to go from system boot to the program being loaded up on both the 360 and PS3. The disc does take a while longer to load, but the 360 takes a while longer to boot up, so it comes to about even. The disc itself enables BD Live functionality to access the streaming. On initial use, you must enter in the code the disc will give you onto Netflix’s website, and they will pair up with one another and the disc will automatically recognize it so you can start streaming after it’s been enabled (this is standard for all Netflix-enabled devices).

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5 Ways to Connect your PS3

October 9, 2006 | | 128 Comments

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How to Connect your PS3 or Xbox 360

August 4, 2005 | | 5 Comments

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