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Category: PS2 on PS4

Jak and Daxter PS2 Classics Out Today

December 6, 2017 |

If you’ve been waiting to add the rest of the Jak and Daxter series to your collection, today is your day! Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X Combat Racing are now ready for download on PS4.

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The PS2 Jak and Daxter Classics Are Coming to PS4 This Year

April 4, 2017 |

Are you a fan of the Jak and Daxter games? Then you’re going to love learning that all games in the series will be making their way to PS4 as PS2 Classics! That’s right, you’ll be able to download Jak and Daxter, Jak II, Jak 3 and Jak X: Combat Racing as PS2 Classics on PS4, with HD upgraded graphics and full trophy support!

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Own A PlayStation 4? You Can Now Download Some PlayStation 2 With Full Trophy Support!

December 5, 2015 |

PS2 on PS4 - Dark Cloud

Sony has let the cat out of the bag over at their official PlayStation Blog, announcing that a ton of PS2 games will be available on PS4 upscaled to a lovely 1080p while also adding trophy support!

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