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Category: PlayStation Move Heroes

FooBear408 Reviews PlayStation Move Heroes

May 4, 2011 | | 4 Comments

Greetings true believers!

Your lil’ pal FooBear408 once again has hopped on the old soapbox to audition for position of town crier. Basically, I’m willing to talk for anyone who’ll listen. This being my first serious review of a game that isn’t all that serious to begin with.  Whether you’re playing as a raccoon who sports a black lone ranger mask complete with newsboy/berét, or my personal favorite: the low budget and not so smug version of Bender from Futurama – Clank – you’ll be kicking ass and taking names in no time. And in conclusion to this first riveting paragraph: there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that this game gets repetitive – fast. And the game, as a whole, leaves something to be desired for the hardcore fans. The good news is there’s no more bad news.

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PlayStation Move Heroes: Dev Diary

February 19, 2011 | | 5 Comments

Mark Cooke // Lead Systems Designer, Nihilistic Software stopped by the Sony Blog to share a new developer diary on the upcoming PlayStation Move Heroes. My son is excited for this and I must admit I am eager to give it a whirl, or whip.

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