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Category: Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII Versus Moved to PS4 as Final Fantasy XV

March 27, 2013 | | 5 Comments

According to VGLeaks, Final Fantasy XIII Versus, which was previously thought to be in development hell, had actual development stopped so that they could move the project to the PS4.

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What’s Up With Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

December 22, 2011 | | 10 Comments

At E3 2006 Square Enix announced three new titles that would be added to the Final Fantasy series, which were Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, & Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Originally Final Fantasy XIII was suppose to be a PS3 exclusive, but then later announced for Xbox 360 which surprised many fans. Final Fantasy Agito XIII was intended to be Mobile game for phones, but now is currently under development for the PSP, and was renamed Final Fantasy Type-0. The one that seemed most interesting was Final Fantasy Versus XIII which Square Enix hasn’t revealed too much about.

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New HD Trailer Of Final Fantasy Versus XIII

January 27, 2011 | | 9 Comments

Square Enix has released a high quality trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII which was first shown on the 18th of the month during the 1st Production Department Premier event held in Japan. In the game you play as Prince … Read More

Final Fantasy Overflow. XIII-2, Versus, Type-0 New Info

January 25, 2011 | | 9 Comments

Tons of info has been released for some up and coming Final Fantasy games. Some long overdue, some new. Today we have info for Final Fantasy XIII Versus, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0. The Versus news is very welcome as this game has just taken so long in development. Hopefully we get a 2011 release.

Final Fantasy XIII Versus

* The actual battle screen in the final game will show character names.
* Some areas regarding how the battle screen shows commands will probably change for the final.
* Magic has different effects depending on the character who uses it.
* A young blonde male character shown in the magazine’s screenshots is good with guns. He alone has aiming controls and can aim for enemy weak spots.
* When other characters use guns, they have just a normal lock-on.
* The game has a large number of weapons. Main character Noctis can use them all.
* Your battle party can have up to three members. However, the members who aren’t taking part in the battle will join in on conversations.
* There are more party members than the four shown in the magazine. However, the game doesn’t have a massive number of party members.
* Main character Noctis is not “cool.” He’s just a normal youth. He feels “I am strong,” but he’s not as strong as he thinks.
* Some segments of the trailer show natural landscapes. These are like the fields you encounter in other games. The game will have time progression: morning, afternoon, evening and night.
* Contrary to some theories, the dragon rider character who appears in the trailer is not heroine Stella. Nomura says he wouldn’t show Stella in such a state. The character you see in that sequence is an enemy.
* You can steal army vehicles for your use. You can ride air ships, cars and Chocobos.
* The blonde character shown in the trailer is Noctis’s friend. The other two characters are friends from Noctis’s childhood. The person with glasses is like Noctis’s tactician.
* You’ll recall that someone in the trailer says “You’re not fit to be king,” or something to that effect. This statement is not directed at Noctis. (I think everyone assumed it was!)
* Nomura says something along the lines of: This year, we have Type-0 and XIII-2, so please forget about Versus for a while. He asked that people be patient and understand that they’re trying to do something incredible.
* At the earliest, we could see more from Versus XIII at E3.

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Sony Set for an Epic Year in 2011

November 28, 2010 | | 50 Comments [tab:Epic Year 2011]

2010 is almost over with a few smaller releases still pending this year while the bigger games have all just came out i.e. the long awaited for Gran Turismo 5.

Each year for the PS3 has … Read More

Small trailers for Final Fantasy XIII Versus and Agito

October 11, 2010 |

Check out this small, condensed TGS trailers Square-Enix showed for their new Final Fantasy games. Full video is minute and a half but might be all we get for a while. Video after the break.

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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Footage Leak

September 17, 2010 | | 16 Comments

If this is anything close to what the final product will resemble, many FF fans are in for a huge treat. I’ll be honest that I was far from floored with FFXIII and my bleak outlook on SE games … Read More

New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Info and Scans

June 23, 2010 | | 7 Comments

From the new Dengeki/Famitus, we have gotten some new screen shots and info on FFXIII Versus. It is confirmed to be shown at TGS this year so I can’t wait!

– All the screenshots in the interview are captured from the game running in real time.
– The movement of the clouds in the game are controlled by the physics engine in the game.
– The game employs an open field concept, so you can travel anywhere except into mountains.
– The encounter system is a mix of random and visible encounters?
– Battles are seamless. The only loading in the game will occur when moving between very large areas. They’re aiming for the ultimate in seamlessness.
– Objects along the paths of roads can be destroyed.
– Most people will not believe their eyes when they see the high quality of the battles in motion.
– The staff are highly motivated now.
– There will still be improvements and more polish on the visuals made, the visuals in the screens are the game running at the moment.
– You’ll be able to use a car as promised. You can exit it and move on foot at any time as well.
– Enemies will be visible on the field, and while some enemies are wandering around, others will suddenly appear and surprise you. (This clarifies what the random and visible comment meant, and it also confirms that game will be similar to FFXII in that sense.)
– Nomura says they’re planning for a big unveiling of Versus at some point, but he doesn’t really give any deadline for it.
– There will be some announcements at TGS of titles which have not been revealed at all yet.

More screens after the jump.

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